Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

WOOT!!!! We have made it once again to another Humpy Day Folks!!!

So I was bad last week, because I'm pretty sure you didn't want to see a photo of my lovely plaid pj's because of our snow-day (yes I said snow-day, we got 15inches!!!)

Anyways, once again I am linking up with the wonderful Lindsey at the pleated poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

Okay, since Tom was showering, I had to resort to other photo measures. . . I need a tripod? Me being silly of course! A poorly done tree pose. But check out those TOMS!

I think this photo is the best of me, in this bunch at least. WOO!!! look at that headband. . . and those sleepy eyes. I don't have my glasses on yet. . . maybe that was the problem. hahaha

time to clean the mirror!! But check out that camera strap!! WOOT!

YEAH!! rock those Tom's shoes!! Red pair here I come!!! Jeans: Gap Outlet Headband: moi! (want one? I'll make one upon request!) Cardigan: Gap Outlet (it's plum. . . really it is) Shirt: I love making these ruffle shirts! I have several different styles! Tank: AE Shoes: Yeah, you knew it, TOMS!!!
Okay, so, this was Tuesday, but I was really lazy, and didn't get it up! haha!

Cardigan: Target

Plaid Shirt: AE

Tank: Gap Outlet

Jeans: AE

Have a rocking Wednesday folks!!


Jill said...

You're silly :)
YOu DIY tanktops?

Kel said...

I add the ruffles, it's a lot of fun!

Nicole said...

Cute Toms...I am thinking of getting a pair. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Hope your day is great!

Tiff @ Making The World Cuter said...

Love the toms and the cuuuute tank that you DIY'd!
If you have the time, I would love for you to stop by and link this up with my "Making Us Cuter" party at that I have going on every week, starting on Thursdays.
have a great weekend!