Monday, April 30, 2012

Georgia Cardigan KAL

So I think I have had this pattern for nearly 2 years in my favorites. So finally, with a KAL, I shall be knitting up this lovely piece. 

Jane is such fabulous designer-I have made many of her patterns. This is Georgia, which is a great cardigan!

I shall be knitting with Cascade Heritage in this lovely blue color. I had to search through my cardigan's in my closet to figure out which color I didn't have, and it turns out blue is lacking-strange cause I love blue. I'll be posting my progress :)

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday: What to Knit?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I am linking up with Sarah for Tickle Me Tuesday! 
So this week, I, once again, need your help! Yup, it's again another knit project. I have my cardigan picked out, and yarn picked out-but you'll just have to wait and see what it will be :)
So this time, I am looking at shawls-my newest obsession. It's like a cowl, but bigger and generally lighter in weight for spring/summer time. I tend to freeze in my office-so something around my neck is essential, plus, it's fun to create and of course to wear. One can never have too many shawls or cowls! 

So now, I need your help picking one out. I love them all, so I will be happy with which-ever one wins!

Earth & Sky by Stephen West. I love this because it uses 3 colors! You'll see why below.

Pogona by Stephen West. Another great Stephen West piece, but only one color-maybe I could use 2.

Scalene by Carina Spencer. I have seen this piece before and love it! Two color combo with an opening to slide the shawl piece through-great idea!

Springtime Bandit by Kate Gagnon Osborn. Once again, one color, but I already have this pattern (it's free) and it's really cute!

Stripe Study Shawl by Veera Valimaki. I think I have had this piece favored for a really long time! Maybe now is a good excuse to knit it! Haha

So now, the colors. Canopy Fingering provided by Melissa of Wool & Honey! Check out her shop, it's awesome! Also, I love nearly every color she has stocked in Canopy, so please check out more for suggestions. 

Color 1

Color 2

Color 3

Color 4

Color 5

As you can see, this is tough! :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome Home Rook

I know, I haven't posted in over a week, sorry. We've been really busy with out latest edition to the Haug Family. Her name is Rook (like the chess piece) The animal shelter were we adopted her named all of her litter-mates after chess pieces. 

After having this little noodle in our lives I must say it is the closest I'd like to get to having kids for awhile. She is a lot of work, but totally worth it.
She has grown since her first day at home. Her collar looks a little saggy on her in this picture. That has since changed. 

However, yesterday, she learned who was boss in this house. Hamlet quickly taught her that he's in charge. Didn't hurt her, but gave her a few pow's to the face. Didn't stop her for long though. 

Tom and I call this her crazy face!! haha. 

I have to say, probably my favorite, when she's sleeping! haha. And yes, that is a sheep next to her, she has 3!!

She is actually older than we thought. Almost 15 weeks! WOW! Anyways, she is doing great! We has our first outing on Saturday, and everyone just loved her-kept asking what kind of dog she is, of course we have no idea-all of her siblings are different, gold, collie, black, curly with white. So here it is. Lab-collie WOOKIE! mix! ROOKIE THE WOOKIE! (she has this bark that sounds like a wookie-rather funny)

Mummy and Daddy are really curious if you will have sticky-up ears or flop downs. Her ears do point up sometimes-so we shall see. She has also learned that Night-Night means times to go into her crate. Sits before she is fed, good-girl when she goes outside, and off on couches and people-well sort of. 

Tom has been the best Daddy to her, it's funny to see him cause he wasn't really sure of a dog until her, I think she melted his heart :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday

I am excited that it is already Tuesday, that means that two more days till we get our little puppy. So I am linking up with Sarah today for Tickle Me Tuesday!

My husband Tom bonding with Rook our soon-to-be 11 week-old puppy. Not really sure what breed she is-being a rescue, but they think possibly some collie with elkhound? I know she looks like a lab-but she's a bit fuzzier than lab puppies-hard to tell in the photo (I know) I pick her up this Thursday, and I must say, we have been greatly enjoying the time gathering essentials for her. 
Since she is our first "girl" we got her a magenta collar with a purple leash-really cute for her :)

I feel in love with this bed! I got a small one for her right now-thinking she'll be about 40lbs-so we'll get her a bigger one when we cross that path. 

Finally-as if a knitter could resist! This is an interactive toy called Hide-a-sheep. She'll be able to search for the sheep in this little fuzzy box-helps to make her problem solve-a must if she has any sort of collie in her. 
All items found on Amazon. 

Of course we also got a lot more-these were just a few that really made me smile! 
Have a great Tuesday!