Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Finals are next week!!! AHHH!!!!!! So I thought I would take a second to post. 

I've been knitting like a mad-woman. Legwarmer for a friends little girls. (yes only one pair so far. . . getting to the second one soon) I have to say, I think this year tops it. I think I am knitting one of everything. . . 
Will I get done with all of them? Challenge excepted. The hat(s) are the most recently added. I was just planning on knitting one. But then Tom's family does an exchange every year and this year. . . yes Hats. So.... why not add two more. I must confess though, one was already started, so I deemed it to go to this party :) Then, Tom was like, well what do I do. . . I wanted to say, learn to knit, but he gave me such a sad face. . . ugh. . . why do I bend?

I did take time to finish another pair of French Press Slippers. I think these are my best yet! 

Rookie also went to see Santa last week while we were at Petsmart. She looks a little scared (I know) Santa wasn't too sure how to hold her. But the money went to a shelter in the area-good cause. And she does look cute! haha!

So as the week comes to a middle, I am two exams away from finals week. Gulp! Knitting might take a back seat for next week. But it's worth it! Cause after next Friday it will be over with and a month break here I come!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Etsy Wants

So as the holidays are rolling around, I've been browsing Etsy a lot more lately. 
I've found a few items to share with you, as I am hoping that might make an appearance under the tree this year for me :)

Yarn holders are a joy, and when they are like a lazy susan, even better! The wood looks awesome. 

I must confess to this, I already bought these, along with a pair of pumpkin stitch markers. She makes such stickin' cute stitch markers, I might have to get some Christmas themed ones when they come up!!

This yarn bowl would be awesome, one because it's gorgeous! Two because it has a lid! Keeping curious kitties and puppy away! Little things make such a difference. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Knitting Lately

So though I have been MIA mostly, I have been knitting in-between studying for tests. 
I had the chance to test knit for the lovely Jill of Knitterella  Not only is she an amazing graphic designer! but she is amazing at creating patterns!

Chevron Stripes is her latest design. If you are new to color knitting and are thinking of starting your first project, by ALL means, this is the pattern to try. Very straight forward and look at the results!

But, now I am hooked on Christmas Ornaments!

These little guys look like so much fun!

Of course this Partridge and Pear is adorable!

So that's the latest from Fern Street. I am trying to convince my husband to rig-up our house to do Holiday lights outside (currently there is no plug outside. . . weird I know) His response so far. . . to sing Christmas songs. Working process. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sorry for the break

Okay, so I am still alive, you may have seen me post comments here and there, and I wanted to say high!

School has been keeping me very busy, also loading up more crafts in my store! More to come as well!

School is awesome, I love it! Even with the studying and test taking, I just love it. We will be seeing patients soon, which we will be taking x-rays of their teeth. Next semester promises to be even more busy. 

So I leave you now, but here's a pictures of Rookie sporting her Halloween Costume :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Recap and Purchases: Stitches Midwest

Stitches Midwest was a BLAST!! I had so much fun this past weekend. We hopped into a car and headed on a 6 hour drive south to our yarn mecca! 

Friday night we decided to stop at P.F. Chang's. Now, I enjoy a good Chinese dish, however, I had never been to this place-there are none where I live. So we just had to do it. 

Lyn checking her cell phone while we wait for our table. 

Of course I had to get my picture taken with the giant horse!

Allison coming back from parking the car. 

Lyn was smart enough to book our room at the same hotel that Stitches was at! And a great deal, all we had to do was walk down to yarn paradise in the morning. We partook in the evening fun for a little bit-the p.j. party. 

Me fondling Malabrigo yarn. . . and Lyn fondling another yarn behind me. Haha!

We are about to get into the Market Session on Saturday Morning. 

I am really excited-can't you tell?

Our first purchase was at Yarn Pop, she makes adorable project bags!

Day two, sorry for lack of pictures, several booth wont allow photography, so my camera went away and my wallet came out!

Plucky Bulky! in Bleu! This will be a cowl!

Plucky Sock-will be the Stripe Study Shawl!

One hit wonders in what I believe is Icey Audrey (not sure, this was an impulse buy)

The light pink in Plucky worsted, and the cream is Sock.

Yes, I should have enough Plucky yarn to last me a while. 

This is my first Noro that I've bought-we shall see what happens. 

This little package of Roving was being handed out. 

Tot Toppers was great! I got two patterns with kid/adult sizes and yarn, Knitterella gift tag, and bag to make an adorable hat for my niece :)

My most interesting purchase has to be this sari yarn. It is scraps of sari's in India that are then sewn together to make this yarn-cannot wait to see what it turns into. 

I am gonna make the Shellseeker sweater, so I need a bulk amount of yarn. Dark blue and Cream. 

Madelintosh is lovely!

Malabrigo was giving away free patterns so of course I had to get some yarn. 

My Yarn Pop bag!

It was a lot of fun. I am tired though, so it will be a nice relaxing weekend at home! Really excited cause in less than two weeks, I start school!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday

I have been trying to decide over the many knits to plan for Stitches Midwest. So here are a few that I am loving! So check out Sarah's lovely blog for more!

The Arctic Circle Cowl is just adorable and is new from the Fibre Company. It uses Tundra which is one of their newest yarns. Honestly, I'd love to try it! 

I love cowls-(duh Kelly we know that by now) and honestly, the gals at the Fibre Company seem to understand what I like. So Avery is adorable, plus it's a free pattern!!! Cannot resist!

I have two cardigan's under my belt. So a sweater must be easier? Right?? We I don't care, the Shellseeker is a must for me! It's striped, and has pockets! A winner!

The Stripe Study Shawl has been on my favorites list for a long long time. I think it is time that I buy some yarn to knit this lovely up!

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Knitting News

Yup, that's right! I am super excited to announce that I shall be attending Stitches Midwest! I have wanted to attend this event for three years! But I never had the group to go with. This year however, two other crazy knitters have decided to join me on this trip to knitting heaven. 

My ravelry queue is getting full of great ideas for last summer early fall knitting. I have mentioned this before, but it's been awhile, I am returning to school this fall (yikes!!) to get my certificate in Dental Assisting. I currently hold a B.A. in English. . . haha, as you can tell that's not the same or even close! Yeah, unfortunately, a degree in English doesn't really get me far in our small city. I don't ever regret earning this degree by any means, it was a great accomplishment in my life, but honestly, I want a little more than what I am doing right now. I want to be able to contribute more to Tom and I's lives. So it's back to school, which means, I need to buy all the yarn I need now while I still have the chance! Haha!! (I've been saving my pennies)

Anyways,  Lyn, Allison and myself will be traveling down Friday afternoon getting down the Schaumburg rather late, but just in time for the PJ party (yes that's right, but I'm too chicken to wear silly jim-jams, so basics for me) and then Open market all day Saturday for Allison and me, while Lyn takes a few classes. Sunday, another stop at the Open Market, (we are staying at the hotel that Stitches is at, so the temptation is all right below us!!!) and heading home :) 

I'll make sure to post photos!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Craft Show 2012

Okay, I know it's been awhile-I have the craft show to blame :) 

Here are the photo's for the 2nd show!

It was a great show! Very very warm this year, but still a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone who stopped by! It was a blast.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday: Wish List

So I know I haven't posted one of these in a long time, so here we go!

Linking up with Sarah for Tickle Me Tuesday-check it out!

I've been wanting an espresso maker for awhile now, so has Tom, since my bday is coming up, why not ask for one-which we both would enjoy!

I've wanted a fossil bag FOREVER! I love them, though, Macy's still has the grey, I thought this color was cute too-but secretly I long for the grey-goes with ALL

It is no secret that I love Fiestaware! I have a set of 6 that we got as wedding gifts last year-however, if we have family over-I need 8! These two colors would be an excellent addition-don't you think?

Of course there's more haha-but enjoy for now!

Happy Tuesday!