Monday, March 7, 2011

Favorite things. . .MONDAY????

Okay, so maybe I should rename is like Marvelous Made Mini's Monday (I'll work on the title)
Anyways, I am starting to feel better, however, my chest is breaking up and the coughs have started! WEEE!!
But, I am very excited that my friend Jessie purchase a pair of earrings from my shop! YAHOO!! Sorry I get overly excited!

So, I just added these cuties to my shop. Trio of Bobby Pins Hopefully they wont last long hahaha

I love much love illy's shop. These sweet vanilla crush poppy headband. . . oh how I might have to buy you!!!

I just saw this picture at paint me a picture's shop
It made me laugh, because I love tea! Oh maybe a coffee one to hang in the kitchen ;)

pretty things by meg has these ruffle necklaces are awesome! I love the mustard yellow color. Oh spring! please come soon!

I just found this new website Cinnamon Sticks. I LOVE!! this necklace! I'm such a dork right now with getting married (not till September! haha) and changing my last name. D will change to H! And this necklace represents how I feel about my guy!
Try and survive Monday!!

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