Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Mug Swap!

The wonderful ladies: Caroline and Alissa  
hosted another Valentine's Day swap, this year we had to include a coffee mug. Yes, I know perfect! I have coffee running through my veins not water ;)


Thank you so much Amanda, this week the Chocolate was seriously needed. 

So check out the rest of the awesome little goodies everyone got this year! I'll be doing the same while sipping on my coffee out of the my new mug and enjoying my chocolate!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Super Bowl 2013!!

So yes, it was that time of year again. The annual Super Bowl Party with pictures of course. This year we had some new comers! With lots of surprises. 

The food spread always a good time!

The ever awesome trophy. 

What a crowd! New comers Allie and Jenn!

Yeah, Tom won the first round $10!! 

Aunt Cheri won the second round $15!!

My Mum won the third round $25!

I was proud of the Raven's winning, I'm usually rooting for the under-dogs!

Winners pass off. Mum won last year so she passes the trophy and $50 (but we really know it's all about the trophy) to Jenn first year there and won! Must be her fiance Matt (who's won three or four times? Must be rubbing off)

Winner poses with the Trophy!

Unfortunately, our annual group photo didn't happen cause my brother had to leave. Darn!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Knits, Savings and Resolutions

Hard to believe that I will be starting back up with school on Monday! WOW! How the break just flies! But I am ready to get back into it all. 
However, I will be a little sad to miss all of my lovely knitting time. So I have been rushing to get a few projects finished up before my break ends. 

Using the cream colored yarn, which is sock yarn, I am making 
The Sid Cowl I've had this cowl in my queue for quiet a while now, and thought I should use up some yarn from Stitches Midwest Show. I did get a bit of yarn for Christmas from the hubs :) and two new books! (more later)

The two above are both Patagonia. I needed a new rain coat for awhile now, (didn't get it for Christmas) so I think I will start saving my pennies. I also really want to invest in a good pair of flats. They are such a staple for me in the warmer months, but I always buy cheap ones that last ohh. . .  one season and well don't have a good arch to them and hurt my feet. Now that I am in a profession that will have me standing on my feet more, I need something to kick around in that will help with my off time. Getting older, I realize that I need to take care of my feet more. :)

I purchased a LOVELY! Malabrigo Worsted in TARDIS BLUE!!! (Yes, that is a Doctor Who reference.) So I need an equally fitting hat. I actually started on another hat before Adiri Slouchy Hat. I think it worked well. :)

So resolutions this year

Enjoy sock knitting (I don't really like sock knitting, so I will make an effort this year)
Exercise more :)
Go on more walks with Rook
Be kinder to myself
Love my husband even more (if it's possible)
Go to more knitting conferences
Get a job in Dental Assisting

Not too lofty of a list I hope :) 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here comes 2013!

Past couple of weeks have gone by so quickly, I'm not sure I remember all of it. It seems like ever since school ended, I've been on the go. Well hopefully with the new year, things will slow down a bit. 

Finals were amazing! and with a lot of studying I pulled off an awesome semester. Probably my best to date! Strange how going back to school changes my way of thinking. However, before it was mostly writing paper after paper, now it's test after test. This time though, it is different, I am not working like a made house with jobs, and in fact, I am only working part-time. Tom's new job last spring allowed me to take it easy. Cheers to that! 

So far I've managed to keep a good knitting schedule. I started a hat last night (pictures to come) and I plan to follow up with mittens and a scarf. Then, finish a few custom pieces for orders, Tom's sweater, and then I plan to start working on my own vest and sweater!! So far, knitting is piling up, but I love it. 

Tomorrow is also my first day observing in a specialty office, Oral Surgery-I am nervous and excited in the same boat. I hope that all the blood wont bother me too much, *cross fingers*.
School starts back up on Monday, Jan. 14, so I have two full weekends of knitting fun with friends and of course some Dr. Who! 

Happy 2013!!!!