Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prints and Headbands!

You've all waited soo patiently, here are some more fabric samples!
Wouldn't they look great! I think so! I have suggestions!

(this is a dark chocolate brown ;)

Oh wow, how did that one get in there LOL!!! Check out that headband! It's all the rage right now!!!! It's a turban headband! I have this grey and white striped and a light blue one. (picture to come) I love making them
So, since I didn't post a What I'm Wearing Wednesday, I thought I'd give you one today! To be honest, I did shower, but I got right back into pj's! I rarely have weekdays off, so it was a nice treat to be lazy!
But I wasn't completely lazy! I shoveled TWICE!! (my back is killing me today) I did so much, I didn't have to do my Wii Fit haha! I also completed another shirt! Picture tomorrow. I love it, can't wait to show you!
Have a great Thursday, hope the weather is better in your area. It's sunny, but cold outside! brrr!!
There will be a few buttons on my etsy shop for custom camera strap orders! Hope to have them up soon! let me know if you'd like one! A great deal for $20!

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