Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday, get you paczki!!!!

Look at these cuties! They'll be in the shop later today!

What I wore today! (I forgot Monday) I've been meaning to post stuff like this for awhile, but just haven't done so. OHH now, you see my new hair! LOL (well I've owned it before. . . just not the color! hahahaha) A bit darker than I wanted, but Tom LOVES!!! it. OMG! it would be TMI if I went into great detail about how much he loves it ;) wink wink!

I don't mean to look grumpy. . . it's 7:15am. . . come one people! I haven't had COFFEE YET!!!

Glass: Adrienne Vittadini
Bracelet: Valentines gift from Tom
Rings: Grandma's promise ring and engagement ring
Necklace: Oh Sweet Joy
Cardigan: Target
Shirt: ruffles made by moi, but bought the shirt part at TJ Maxx!
Tank: Aerie
Jeans: AE
Booties: Aldo
P.S. I'm thinking about eating paczki's in this pic LOL!

Tom's eating. . . or licking his yummy paczki! LOL Today was his off-site day. Yeah, I may have forgotten to mention, but he's a software developer for a company and he and two other programmers get one off-site day a week! (They still have to work, but still!!) So, he drove me to work today (parking is horrible! I had to park like a half a mile away from my office the other day. Honestly, if it was like 20 degree's warmer I wouldn't mind walking but it was like 12 degrees out yesterday! COLD!!!)

Still cold outside too! North Face don't fail me! First bite of lemon paczki! YUMMY

It was glazed and I got it all over my face. Good thing Tom was there to capture the moment.
So grab a cup of hazelnut coffee and a paczki! (head over to my shop buy those earrings haha!) and enjoy your Tuesday!


Sandy a la Mode said...

LOVE those earrings and your cardigan! you are adorbs!!

Sara said...

I love your new hair color, Kel, it looks great against the pale skin. =)

Jill said...

I like your hair! That donut looks great :)

Marlene(: said...

Tom looks so much like my ex boyfriend!!! I shall send you an email containing a oicture of him when I get home!

Marlene(: said...

P.s. Your hair in so cute!