Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Camera Strap

Happy Tuesday, did everyone survive Monday?
Last night I went home and whipped this lovely off my sewing machine. Now my neck won't hurt because of the awesome padding! slim, comfy, stylish what more can a girl ask for haha!

I had so much fun making this. It's a bit skinnier than normal straps because my camera strap itself is on the slim side. 1inch! WOW! But, I would totally make this big, it's easy to modify. Custom orders?? I should put up fabric samples :) Any takers?


Dani said...

I think that is adorable! How much would you charge for one? I don't see why photogs wouldn't be all over that.

Tammy said...

That is definitely super cute! I just dug my Canon XT out of the closet for some spring photos.