Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

I love Halloween!

I cannot say that enough. . . I love seeing the kids all dressed up and going door to door. Hopefully we will get some kids coming tonight. We bought three bags of candy. . . so I hope we get some.

Tom is working in the basement, while I (post in my blog) and begin making pretzels. YUMMO!!
I plan on also making veggy-stuffed shells. I wouldn't call myself a complete veg, the reason, I need to have protein since I am anemic. I eat fish mostly, and chicken/turkey. Hardly ever do I eat beef or pork. Not a huge fan of it either, the texture is funny sometimes, plus the whole grass fed beef is really expensive-compared to chicken or turkey. (Which don't get me wrong is also pricey)

Plus Tom is the kind of guy that doesn't really care what he eats as long as it tastes good. Which, (I will brag here) does taste good because I am a good cook. Two years ago I sucked!!! Then I became allergic to a lot of different foods (mostly dairy) and I have digestive problems (TMI??) So I have to watch what I eat. Not only have I lost weight, WEEE but I enjoy learning and cooking healthy happy foods for our tummies.


Happy Halloween Everyone!!! Not sure I am ready for November. . . Better get some knitting done, then I'll be ready

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So someone commented on my Sanita Clogs. I love them, and I said they were hand-made. I didn't mean to sound like a snob, I just like things that are hand-made and made well. I will pay a little more for something higher quality than for something that is going to only last me one year. That's how I roll.
Which is also why I like knitting so much. I see hats, gloves and now sweaters that I'm like: "I can knit that!" I love it! The thought of knowing that pride was put into something wearable and long last makes me happy.
Now, the down-side. Okay, so clothes from like Chinese labor shops are probably either half machine half man(or woman) made. However, that is not what I am referring to. I mean, quality, not sweat labor for pennies! I hate that a lot of clothes are from China or other poor countries where I am buying something for $50 when the person who made it probably got $5. I am beginning to ramble here. So, you get my point.
Hand-Made pride!!! Support your local stores!!! That should be a national holiday! Support your local stores day! Instead of Black Friday! (that won't fly I know)

Calm Now

Hamlet guards the castle gates. :)
So, yesterday was a panic attack all day long. . .

I was freaking out about wedding stuff. . . mostly my dress. Honestly, I love the dress. And my step-dad reassured me that Tom is a lucky man, and that my dress is perfect. Strange that something like that would calm me down. Normally, my step-dad is a pretty blunt guy (well come on ladies, he is a guy. . . they are all pretty blunt) but I know he cares about me. Plus when I got back inside (rewind, I had told Tom that I was feeling unsure about the dress I picked out) Tom came around the corner and opened up the box that my engagement ring came in. (It had a little light in it)

I felt so much better. He said, (since he hasn't seen the dress) that we are doing a very casual wedding, and that I should be more comfortable, than conforming to the "norm" I am very happy with my dress! Plus, we are backing down on the planning. We were working ourselves up too much, so we are going to book the place and take it easy on the catering. :)

P.S. Thank you's to all whom helped me out. I feel silly now that I questioned the dress. It was easy to find, and I am very happy that I can check another thing off on my list!

Happy Hump day to everyone!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Delayed Postings

Sorry for the delay in posting. Things have been crazy at Fern Street.

At one location that we are looking at, no alcohol is allowed. So this might be a fun idea.

I wish life was this simple. . .

Off my needles. The Autumn hat by Jane Richmond. Pattern available on Ravelry. Which is a website devoted to knitting and crochet patterns. Free to sign up!!

So, advice time. I need some.
I am feeling a bit over/under whelmed by the wedding. I feel like sometimes I become all consumed by it. I really want to turn it off. I have picked a beautiful dress, that is very unconventional. Which is what I wanted, but am settling? Did I get my dress to early? Why was it soo easy? I wish I could post the picture, but my fiance reads my blog, ( I think) and well I cannot let him see it. . .bad luck. . .
Anyways, I thought that possibly writing it down would help.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Comfy Sews Vs. Cozy Knits

Okay, so I have been starting to follow more blogs and checking out more handy sites with sewing and knitting ideas.
This is a month long competition between comfy sews and cozy knits. Who will win? I'm a bit partial to cozy knits myself.


Yellow Songbird is celebrating her blogiversary with some fantastic giveaways!!!!

Please go and check out her blog enter to win some totally cool stuff :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wedding Ideas part 2

As I have said before we are not having a traditional wedding. Therefore I do not want a veil. I love the headband idea.

This one is nice too

I don't really want to do a white dress. But this one was pretty.

This cake topper idea was really cute. Maybe I would change it to either cats or birds or OH sheep!! LOL

This is my favorite dress so far.

A wedding in the fall. . . weather can be cold! This cardigan could help!

Invite #1

Invite #2

Invite #3,default,pd.html?start=12&cgid=projects-wedding-invitations

Michaels however, had these invitations that we can make ourselves. I love all of the invites on They are all soo pretty.

However, I know (since I have some artistic talent in me) that I can make my own. Plus I have help :)

Wedding Ideas part 1

So, as most of you know, I am planning a wedding for next fall. I love Green Wedding Shoes because it is all about weddings and being outside.

One of the post was about Lydia and Joshua's wedding.

I totally love it! Check it out.

I would love ideas and thoughts. I love the yellow. I was thinking maybe yellow, green and brown for mine. September 24! YEAH!!!
More ideas in my next post. . .

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Wedding

Alright, so I couldn't post my knitting projects until now because my friend Sara of whom this wedding is about reads my blog.

Anyways. I made these amazing French Press Knits "Felted Slippers" for her wedding.

Her favorite color is orange, so I made her orange slippers.

It was an awesomely beautiful autumn day. 74degrees. AMAZING! Anyways, it was a wonderful wedding.

The lights were really pretty in the barn at night.

Tom found a little friend. He was soo cute. :)

Another little guy loved this pumpkin.

The bride and her Mum.

They wrote their own vows.

Very wonderful.

Sara was very pretty in her white dress.

Sara and Tom the happy couple.

Yes, I was wearing sunglasses. . .

Riley finally reminded me that I was wearing them, and I finally took them off. Haha

Happy journey to both Sara and Tom. Good luck in your lives together.
Best Wishes!