Monday, July 26, 2010

Sorry for delay

WOW, sorry to have not posted in forever!

Last week was super busy and one post wont be enough to catch up in.

Anyways, last Wednesday was my Birthday :) It was fun, I had to work all day (typical 8-5 job) but Tom took me out to eat with my Mum, Austin and Erin. I'll go into more details later, just wanted to let everyone know I am not dead. (haha)

Friday, July 16, 2010


I love Fridays. The weekend is always around the corner. Plus this Friday was a breath of fresh air. The committee for the job that I applied for as not ever gotten together yet. WEEE. So next week is when they get together and talk about who they are going to do phone interviews. I STILL HAVE A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!! (Thank you to all who supported and continue to support me in this endeavor.)

Tomorrow is beach day, Tom's Mum, Tom and I are going to relax and pick up some rays. (Not too much, I don't want to look like a toasted cheeser) Should be nice. I haven't been to the beach yet this year. :)

Sunday is suppose to rain and so I think I will head out to see my Mum and get my dress sewn WEE!!

Enjoy the weekend people!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dress process stage two

So last night I got the entire dress pinned and ready for cutting. Which I did the cutting this morning at my office. It is all ready for sewing, which will be gained this weekend. Perhaps I will have a dress to wear next Wednesday for my birthday. :) WEEE. . . . er. . . .

I am excited about my birthday. . . but not as much as I used to be. Perhaps I am just tired this year. However, I have made reservations at a restaurant, so that should be fun. My Mum, Austin (step-dad) Tom, Erin and her fiance Joe are planning on attending. Which should be fun. Plus the place we are going to has Chocolate Martini's. I am not a huge martini fan, but this sounds sooooo good. Plus awesome deserts. I am big on deserts. I don't normally get one when we go out though because most places are the same thing, and are not home-made. However, places in the downtown district are smaller, and not chain "owned". So it tends to be higher quality food. Don't get me wrong, I love Olive Garden and Red Lobster, but Phil's on Front is going to be awesome. They have crab cakes, a house specialty. YUMMO!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Past Week

This past week was not all the exciting.
I have undertaken a giant project. Since this dress is sold-out I have begun to "attempt" to make it. I say attempt because I have never made a dress like this before. SOOOOO it shall be interesting.
Mum is helping me however so I should be alright. I bought a pattern that looks a lot like the dress and the fabric etc. We shall see
Other than that, this week went by pretty smoothly. Cherry Festival was insane however we were able to enjoy it some-what by going to BINGO a few times. :) Didn't win anything but it was fun just the same. Last Monday was a holiday for us and Tom's Mum Sister and I went to get a pedicure. It felt soo good. Tom was babysitting his little niece then. It was cute. Uncle Tommy. She called today to tell him that there were heading back to Ohio. She's two and a half now. We are trying to schedule plans to head down to Ohio and visit sometime in August. However, it is a complete mystery still because I want to know my job situation.
I don't remember if I have talked about this, but I applied for a Library position at the college that I work at. However, I haven't heard anything. The story is this. The Library Director who was my supervisor last summer during my internship told me about the position. She encouraged me to apply. So I did. That was June 13. The application was open till June 25. The Library Director wanted someone hired by next week. Human Resources however, is very busy because a lot of people are retiring and a lot of jobs are opening up. Plus there was the new year contracts. (New years begin July 1 not January 1, strange I know). Then the HR person that was working with the Library Director was sick. Sooooo. . . nothing yet.
One might just assume that I am not qualified. Here's the kicker. I am, and I know I will get an interview. I have library experience, office experience, and my B.A. degree, which the job requirement is an ASA. So. . . yeah. I am friends with all of the librarians as well. :( I know it is stressful. And I know as soon as the Librarians know something they will let me know. It's just hard to wait on something that could change my life drastically. Tom has been grilling me for interviews. I have been looking up questions to ask, best answer solutions and so on. I even spiced up my interview outfit. I just want to bang my head against my desk. Good things come to those who wait I suppose. And if I have talked about this before. . . I am sorry. It is beginning to weight heavily on my mind. I try not to think about it, but it is hard.
Plus next week is my birthday. The big 25. (okay not that big). But I don't know what I want to do for it. :( I know I have to work, but after that I don't know. I am glad that I have this sewing project to work on. Keep my mind focused.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Antiques, Bingo and Bovine Cats!

Hello Chums!

Sorry for the wait in posting. Been super busy with internship and working.

This is my parents cat Clancy. His new hiding spot is under a small table in their living room. He's a bovine cat (cow colors)

Last weekend was the holiday weekend. IT was super hot too. Which honestly, I didn't mind. I used to hate the hot weather. But since our last summer was cold, and we live in a constant snow belt for more than half the year, it was nice to get some Vit D.

Here I am sporting my new necklace from the Petoskey Antique show. It's an Underwood Typewriter key from 1908ish. It's a Tabular Key

Mum got one with a "P" on it. They didn't have any "K"s otherwise I would have done that.

One of the oddest pieces there were these giant metal roosters. Tom about lost his hand to one.

I really liked this sign. It was HUGE I am talking like four feet by three feet.
We then went back to my folks house and meet up with my Aunt and Uncle. We sat in the shade and enjoyed dinner and Michigan Fireworks. Since any good fireworks are illegal in Michigan, the store bought are a little less then exciting. But they still give a good show.
Next. . . post will be
Pedicures, Uncle Tommy and Bingo Nights!