Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

With the weather becoming (finally) nicer. Spring fever is setting in. I'm looking at brighter colors, and spring-time items.

I've probably blogged about this site before, but I can't help it! Cinnamon Sticks is such a cute shop. I love this necklace! "I'd get an H or a K. . . for Kelly and for my soon-to-be last name! Haug! (Haw-ga)-not (hog)

I love these new fabric bracelets from Caroline's shop! I want all of those colors!

Turban headbands are becoming sooo popular. I've been getting into more headbands lately. . . more for spring because winter=hats. BabooshkaBoutique has some really cute ones for sale!

I love flats! One cannot deny that these mushroom ruffles are adorable! And they're from TARGET!!!!

These peep-toes are adorable as well! Again TARGET!! LOVE IT!
I also wanted to say, that though my little etsy shop is small, and I don't generate a lot of income, I want to donate a portion of my sales to help Japan. I haven't chosen an organization yet, but I think a good solid place is the American Red Cross. Suggestions are welcome on othe places to donate. Every-little bit helps!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Get out and enjoy some sunshine!!


Jes said...

I finally wore flats yesterday!

Kel said...

wasn't it a fantastic feeling? I know it felt that way to me!