Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today I just feel so sluggish (if that is even a word). I don't normally wear jeans to work (unless it is Friday). I can wear jeans at work, it is not taboo, but I just don't feel very professional. It is cold and windy outside today, (Ugh)

However, Yahoo had a teaser trailer of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. OMG I cannot wait WEEEEEEEEE

On that note. I want to get a new pair of Keds. My old pair are well really old and gross. They are an excellent shoe that just goes well with everything. However I have a dilemma. I love both the red and the navy. The red I would have to order online, the blue I found at a store in town on sale.

Blue does go with more. But I just love the red color. Hmmm. . . choices. . .

Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Wish list Ideas

I just wanted to compile a view of Birthday Wish list ideas. :) Fast approaching that day.

I really want a kitchen cart for my kitchen. Something like this because it has the cabinets and the cutting board. Plus something on wheels would be wonderful.

I love love love Gap and Banana Republic right now. I used to love American Eagle and A&F like I have mentioned in previous post. However, my taste has changed.

I like the idea of the multiple card. That way I could shop at both Gap or Banana Republic. :)

Last year my Mum got me a year subscription to Food Network Magazine. I love it. So another one would be awesome. :)

Harry Potter how I love thee. Now even more that it is in lego version for the Wii.

I have wanted one for a long time. However, since we got the Wii in May, I have been longing for this. :)

I love this magazine. It just has everything in it. :) I buy it every month, I would subscribe to it myself, but with my b-day around the corner. I'll wait.

I want another remote so Tom and I can play games together.

So that is that. I am sure there is more. :) But that is the general idea.


Thank you NYC Island Gal for this awesome award. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Work Attire

Does this outfit not scream LIBRARIAN!!!!

I love it. If I get a librarian job, this will become part of my wardrobe.

I love this look too. Great work attire because it's classy yet relaxed enough that isn't too busy.

I love love love this cardigan. :) The stripes, I mean come one!! WHO wouldn't?
Sorry about all of the fashion posting. I used to be a jeans and t-shirt girl. I have always loved fashion and shopping but it was like American Eagle A&F and so on. Now, I feel like since I am reaching a new stage in my life, that well I need to change my attire. Find my zen hahahaha

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Currently Reading

In honor of the new movie coming out in little over a week from now I have started to re-read Eclipse. Yes, I said re-read. I am not a die-hard fan, but I think they are a good mind-less read. No offense to die-hard Twilight fans out there. I love them, don't get me wrong. I just don't think they can compare to Hemingway or Fitzgerald. However, they are a good (easy) fluff to read. And I enjoy that.
Plus Edward is HOT!

The Stieg Larsson effect has hit our house. I have decided since it is now in a cheap paperback that I would buy it and read it. Since the library doesn't have any copies and the waiting list would take forever. I haven't started it yet, just got it. But I am sure I will soon.
I usually read a few books at a time. Just the way my brain works.

Summer Looks

I love how these looks pull off a simple yet stylish appeal to a summer look.
I have been sprucing my wardrobe up a bit because (one I am getting old and cannot be looking like a 17 year old) and two because I want to look put together for my internship.
So, these three looks are from the Banana Republic website. I love Gap, and Banana Republic. However, I do not own anything from BR because it is a bit expensive. BUT, there is a Gap Outlet in town. Great stuff for fairly low price. I am close to completing all of these simple summer outfits.

I have wanted to also get some nice sandals for summer. So I stopped by Payless for their BOGO sale and got the teal and brown sandals. I have never been good with heals. However, these are not that high and I can walk in them.


Sorry for the delay in posting. However, I am back.

It is a dreary Tuesday outside. However, we had a BEAUTIFUL weekend. Sun and warmth.

I am already getting tan. I think it is funny because my "tan" terminology is rather odd. For me tan means a little bit darker than blindingly white. I use a lotion with SPF in it so if I am outside I go easy on the sun. (I have never been a sun worshiper. Too pale and burn too easily). However, a little never hurts. Plus I have been wearing more skirts, dresses and shorts. Strange to say that because not two years ago, all I would wear was jeans in the summer. CRAZY, yes I know.

It was soo nice outside Tom and I played a few games of tennis. :) It was soo much fun.

It was also Fathers day this past weekend. Went over to Tom's parents for some good food and games. Tom's sister Jenny is expecting her second child. Her and Jon already have Cali who is 2 1/2 years old now.

I cannot believe that it will be July next weekend. Time is flying by.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Peter Rabbit

So last night we had a visiter. . .

Peter Rabbit came to our yard and was nibbling away at bird seed and clover flowers.

Hamlet was very much interested in the little guy (heh).

He (or she I don't really know) was sooo cute.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Roofin in the hood!

Okay, so last week it rained. However, not only did it rain but it rained NAILS! Seriously! It raid so hard that it started to knock off black debris from our roof.

Ahhh. . . joys of home-ownership.

So Tom wants to check out re-roofing a part of the roof. Now, this part should not be tough. (Haha I say that in a manner of speaking).

However I still want a professional to come out and take a look at the situation.

Updates on the kitties:

Hammy is doing well. (from his eyes incident) I think it is funny that my folk's cat and one of their dogs freaks out in thunderstorm weather. Haha. Hamlet shrugs everything off and is like "beh" Nanaki doesn't really do anything either. Relaxed cats I tell ya.

The yellow bird feeder had been taken down by the way. Not really water proof anymore with a giant HOLE in the top of it. So I am thinking of putting the wooden one up instead. Tom insists that the beats will chew through that one. At least they will get fiber. They have been trying ever-so to get on the squirrel proof feeder since I haven't put out corn for their "specific" feeder. Perhaps I will do that tonight. The boy's (I do mean Hamlet and Nanaki) love to watch them.

However, I now have three gray squirrels and two black ones. Tony my mafia leader black squirrel's tail is looking more full nowadays. He must have jedi powers. (More like sith powers if you ask me).

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rain Rain go away!

Man, I have to be honest. . . it can stop raining. Life is just stagnent with the rain. Cannot play tennis or anything. Though it saves Tom and I from the hassle of watering the lawn, it is still a pain.

Plus, starting in September, I have to start paying back my student loans. UGH. I have to consolodate them, since I got two different kinds. Not looking forward to that.

The house is a mess right now. I think I will break to clean it and put things away. Tom is putting his laptop back together after having to order a part of the bottom of it. I am very happy that it is in.

We are invited out to my folks for dinner tonight. They had splurged and got new furniture last weekend so I am excited to see it.

HUGE task tomorrow. I am going to get baby back ribs and cook them. First TIME EVER!! My Real Simple magazine had a really good/easy recipe. I am a bit nervous about it but I think I am up for the challenge. Now, I am not really a big meat eater. . . but ribs sound good.

OH, my dress also came today. (As Tom says I have too many clothes)
TRUTH, Women never haver too many clothes. Honestly, we like variety, who doesn't?

Plus I want to go to the Goodwill tomorrow to get a few more t-shirts for my rug that I am knitting. I want a light purple, a yellow, red and maybe a blue. I already have brown, green, gray, white and black. I need more color.

Hamlet is also excited today because I got up at 6:15 to proctor testing at the college for ACT testing. I was there for 5 hours and well I get paid 93! dollars for it. HECK YEAH. So what does that mean, well it means I will probably be taking a nap today. Hamlet loves taking naps with me.

Till later. . .

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back to blog

Alrighty, so it was really strange yesterday but I couldn't blog. :( sad.

Anyway, on with the news!

Sunday night was fun. . . . *jaws music plays*

Tom and I went to a favorite restaurant Pearl's New Orleans Kitchen (I used to work there for many years. Whenever I go back I always get a wonderful greeting) It is Crawfish Festival. Yeah. . . so Tom and I challenged ourselves to get the boil. So. . . a heaping FULL pound of crawfish (steamed of course) was set down in front of us. We were splitting it because well, I am a light eater. It was almost stepping too far out of my food comfort zone. You were supposed to dismember this poor boil bug (they are called mud bugs but not actually bugs. . . cousin to lobsters more like it) and after severing the tail from the body you are suppose to suck out the juices from the head. HELL no. . . I couldn't do that. Then with your thumb and fingers we were to push the tail meat up and bite it off with your teeth. Well for one, there were like twenty little legs on the tail. NO. Number two, the tail meat was stuck in the tail. Number three, there were too many organs to scrape off the tail. So we both proceeded to crack open the tail and pull out the meat.

What did it taste like?

Well. . . not a whole lot. There was a really good sauce that it was boiled in and so we figured instead of the clarified butter (butter that has been heated and cleared of any cloudy scum) which I handed quickly to Tom. I cannot have butter my stomach cannot digest it. Anyway, the sauce was a million times better. There was also corn on the cob and boiled baby red potatoes. YUMMY!!!

Four napkins each later we agreed that we were satisfied with Crawfish for a few years.

Also, from a friend Jessie, I decided to cut up some old t-shirt to make t-shirt yarn. It was fun actually and now I have several different colors to make something new with. I am knitting a rug now. :)

Hamlet (my little boy) had gotten himself in trouble. Saturday he lost his collar in the basement (I found it) and he was laying on the bed with his left eye all squinty. I got worried because it was watering. I looked online and looked at Hamlet eye as best as I could. It was not swollen and it was dilating. But there was a mucus coming out of it. I kept a close watch on him for the rest of the night. By Sunday he was terrorizing the house once again. Crisis gone.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Marketing Internship

About two weeks ago, I applied for a summer Marketing Internship for big name magazine (in my small town. . . irony. . . not lost here). Anyway, I thought that since I had not heard anything that of course I did not get it.

So then Thursday afternoon, I get a call from the magazine. They conducted a little interview over the phone asking me about my degree, and if I like to travel. . . and so on. The person said they would let me know by the end of the day Friday. Nothing that I hadn't heard before, but I was still hopeful.

Not thirty minutes later I get a phone call from the same person offering me the internship. :) I start Monday and honestly I cannot wait. I couldn't wait soo much I rushed out and splurged on a new dress from Cali's (a local store that I love love love). I actually bought two. . . but I think I am going to return one because it is just a little too big on me.

Also Tom took me out to Dairy Lodge a got a Dole Whip Twist with chocolate and cocoa crispies on it. YUMMY!!!!

Dole Whip IS AWESOME!!!!!! I had only thought that Wares Bros carried it with the frozen yogurt dole whip twist (awesome) But Dairy Lodge is fast becoming a fav because of having both Frozen Yogurt and Dole Whip. My stomach cannot produce Milk. However, I
can still have yogurt and cheese (strange. . . that I am). So when it comes to tasty treats, frozen yogurt or dole whip is about the only thing I can have without moaning on the couch for hours and taking about ten Tums.

So on Etsy.com which I love to browse, there is a shop called HyrdaHeart and I love love love her ability to make the cutest shoes. I soooo want to learn how to make something like that. I love being able to figure these things out for myself. Not that I wouldn't buy them from her, I just would love to figure it out. I have never really sewn in my life but there is never a better time then now eh?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Black Devil!

So yesterday, I noticed a GIANT hole in my yellow bird feeder. Yeah. . . I came back into the dinning room and found a squirrel sitting inside my bird feeder. Now I was not able to get a picture of the devil actually sitting in the feeder, but I did get this!!!!

WTF. . . is all I have to say. I bought a squirrel feeder last week. It's called the Squngee squirrel bungee. I suppose not putting corn cobs on it fast enough for their liking turns into this.

Normally we grease the pole that they climb on. . . guess it wasn't greased enough. *sighs*

So I went outside and slathered on a HUGE coat of Vaseline. Should keep them at bay. . . for now. However, I have a HUGE hole in my feeder so it looks like I'll have to get another one. . . ugh.

The battle continues. . .

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Etsy Shop Up!!!


Come one come all!!!! My Etsy shop is up for catnip wontons!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hamlet and the Birdy

So I have been working on getting my Etsy page up. It will be called "Hamlet and the Birdy" since it will mainly be selling catnip wontons. So I snapped a bunch of pictures of Hamlet and my little stuffed goldfinch. But I am not sure which picture to choose.









My favorites are 1, 2, 3 and 4. But I just cannot decide. . .

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BEEP update

YEAH all is well since the BEEP is gone. . . I wont have to set fire to the building now. . . WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Hamlet gets a treat

I made Tuna Pasta this weekend because it's cold and tasted good on the hot weekend we had. So Hamlet headed into the kitchen, and well gave me the cute kitty eyes and I gave in. I let him lick the empty tuna can.

He loved it. Haha. I don't normally give my cats people food because I don't like the additives in them. . .plus Hamlet is a little on the chubby side LOL. But I caved! Plus cats love tuna! And it was not the kind soaked in oil, it was in water. If it was in oil I would not have given it him.

Garage Sales, Power-washing, brakes. . . oh my!!

Sorry fellow bloggers, as you may know this past weekend was Memorial Weekend which meant GARAGE SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom (my lovely fiances) took Friday off in-order to hit the garage sales early before they got picked over. So as I sped off to work he met up with his Mum to go rummaging.

WOW, I came home to a wonderful surprise. We have a bed frame now! Now I know that sounds strange, but when we got a bed from my friend almost two years ago it didn't come with a head-board and a foot-board. Which was something I have been wanting for quiet some time now. It is very nice looking, I will take a picture of it to post!

He also got. . . a new printer-scanner-copier, a dell computer (which does not work) but it was $1!!! so he HAD to get it. (He will take it apart and tinker with it)
A weed-whipper!! WEEE (We needed one as well)
A shovel
Work light
grass spreader
Then I wanted to go on Saturday. . . SOOOOO
Tom bought
More tools,
two large work lights
a crow-bar
a keyboard
a wireless router
digital converter box (we didn't need this. . . since we already have one but oh well)
Three stines
I am sure there is more. . . but I can't remember. . .

OH! what did I buy. . . hahaha
Two Kurt Vonnegut books. :) for .70cents. yes. . . that was it.

So from there, our neighbors were power-washing their house and Tom was talking to Mike about where he might be able to rent one. Mike said we could borrow it (Mike is a maintenance guy for our old apartment complex. Ironic.) So. . Sunday (which felt like Saturday since Monday was a vacation day) Tom power-washed our house. This wash probably used more water in one day then we use in a month cause it was using 2300 PSI of pressure! Tom was wet and sweety all at one time. It didn't help that it was like 90 degrees!! and humid. Ahhh Michigan you either get a freezing cold Memorial day, or a BLOODY HOT day. However I have had a chance to wear all of my super cute dresses! In the past I have worn jeans and t-shirts in the summer. (Crazy, I know) But last summer I started to actually wear shorts! And this year hell. . . I've started to wear dresses and more skirts. Suppose I am feeling more girly. . . who knows.

Anyways, Monday. . . aka Sunday part 2!
Started off slow, which was nice. My friend Erin lent me her Lego Indiana Jones video game so that is what I have been playing on the Wii. Tom finished the brakes on my car! He is very proud of himself and I am proud of him as well. Saved myself like 400 bucks!!! It cost me two t-shirts, making yummy granola, and letting him play Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii last night. Not bad! The parts only cost like $70 so yeah I think I saved a lot of money!

So. . . even though we pay tons in city taxes, the city wont bother to SPRAY FOR TENT CATERPILLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These HORRIBLE beings are terrible and disgusting. ( I am getting sick just thinking about them). HORRIBLE I have to say it again. . . HORRIBLE!! We have five large oak trees on our property, and all have these terrible beasts crawling on them. We have been spraying them, but they are just so many that it is hard to keep up with. The power-washer LOL sent them flying. We have been using Seven which is a toxic spray to just bugs, but still I honestly don't like using it. Mike our trusting knowledgeable neighbor, recommended a few products that are natural and wont harm other animals. So we are going to try that. Spray every few days. However, in a couple of weeks they will DIE because their life-span will have ended! HAHAHA. GRRRRR. . .

So. . . back at work today. *sighs* The alarm system is broken so every like three seconds I hear this horrible BEEP if they don't fix it soon. . . I will go postal!