Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Happenings and Preview!

Oh! Monday, how I wish I could skip Monday!

Love those? Yeah so do I. luckily you'll be able to buy them starting tomorrow! Ohh exciting I know. I am working like a mad-woman to get my shop open tomorrow March 1!! WEEE!!!

But not on to what happened this weekend!

Tom and I went to get idea of what type of suit he is going to wear. I wanted to take my camera. Sadly I was turned down for that. :( BUT! we did make some head-way!

Also, Sunday, we went an registered! YEAH!!! Though, in all honesty, we want money, but I have a bridal shower to think about too! hahaha! Live it up!

We then went to look at some more wedding bands for Tom. I have mine picked out! But the places at the mall were HORRIBLE!! We told them right as we walked in, "we are just looking" but they started pulling things out. When I asked for a type of ring they looked at me like I was insane. I saw that very ring on the website. . . so much for good customer service. Another place wasn't any better. They laughed and shook their heads as we left. BOO!!!! I say! We are sticking to the place were Tom got my engagement ring, professional and very nice!

THEN!!! (I'm very excited about this) we found our invitations. Originally we were going to make them, but when we saw these we just fell in love with them. Totally what we wanted! However, I am not spoiling the moment by posting them! HA! you'll see soon enough! :)

See you tomorrow for the big event! Maybe I'll have a special discount! If you're lucky! LOL

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Favs

So, this week has been really busy. We booked our honeymoon flights!



I cannot wait to spend a week in these two place in the early fall! It's going to be very exciting.

Though, I don't have pictures, I am anticipating on opening my store this coming Tuesday, March 1!!!! YAHOO!!!!

Also, sad news, my interview went very well on Monday, so well that they gave me the job. However, it just does not pay enough for me to leave. Very sad about this, honestly I really want to work at a library. I just cannot swing it at this time. Not in the cards for me now, but my day will come! I know it will, I've been patient long enough, and good things happen to those who wait!!!!
Last but not least, my wonderful fiance, who sticks by me whatever I choose to do. I love him and cannot wait to spend a week on our honeymoon in Seattle and Portland :)

Have a great weekend everyone! I have a busy weekend ahead here. Dress shopping, crafting, taking pictures, taxes (hopefully getting a lot back!), sipping coffee lazily on the couch with my boys, and Tom and getting my shop ready to ROLL!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

TC Winter Fest

This past weekend in my little town that I live in, we had our Winter Fest.
The snow melting earlier in the week didn't help, but it was cold enough Saturday, that the ice-sculptures were just fine!

I loved the goblin he was funny!

The squirrel was pretty sweet too! These sculptures were huge by the way!

I will have more pictures to update soon!! My batteries died as I was taking the goblin picture. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011


I have an interview at the local Library here in Northern Michigan this coming Monday. It's just a part-time in the computer room, but heck, why not interview!! Get my foot in the door!! YEAH!!!!!!

Thought this picture was funny

Favorite Things Friday

I don't have a lot today. I'm just happy it's Friday!
So, I guess that is my favorite thing haha.

Lisa Leonard makes some super awesome necklaces, Oh how I want this one!!!

And in keeping with the stamping necklaces, I saw this book. Now, I would love to learn how to do that!!!
Have a great weekend everyone! I can't wait to be done at 3pm today. I have a haircut today, I can't wait!! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Knitting Hats, Spring Time, and The Boys

So I have taken a few side projects to help show my products around! I created this bumpy hat pattern.
What's on my needles right now!

Since our mail in Northern Michigan is rather slow, I got my V-day card a day late. However, it was really adorable! Thank you Caroline!

It was soo nice out I brought my TOMS to work with me. However, my feet got cold and I put my plaid boots back on. LOL

(sorry for the mess in the background) I just had to take this picture of the boys on the back of the couch.
I love how they can squeeze onto the tiny bit of space left for them!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WOW!! I'm Alive Honestly

Okay, so I don't have pictures for this post, I left my SD card at home. I meant to bring it. . . but honestly, in the morning I am lucky to be wearing my glasses, and I can't see very well! Hahaha

So, since I have a break tonight, I will post pictures of Valentine's Day stuff!

I got Tom a Wii Wares game, and he got me some wine! LOL what a pair! 100% Cherry wine which is really yummy. OH! we live in the Cherry Capital of well, I think the world. Good ol' Michigan! :) So we have a lot of different cherry items here. However, they are all very good tasting, and good for your body!

I am also happy to say, that I am getting closer and closer to opening my shop up! The spare room in our house has turned into my crafting space, stuff everywhere. Plus I had a few private orders to item, like hats and cowls to be knit. Which is nice because those will pay for my hair-cut this Friday LOL!!! I will have to take a before and after picture. Now, my natural hair color is just not appealing, it is a mix in between a dirty blonde, and a light brown, but honestly, with my pale skin, it's not great! I've done the lighter blonde now for a few years. But felt like it was getting flat and boring. So I've been transitioning towards a brunette. Comments? suggestions?
My fiance, Tom likes the darker look too. I'm not talking SUPER dark brunette, but a little chestnut look I think.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Oh I love Fridays, means the weekends start at 3pm for me!!

Love my cup from Sunday

Super Bowl Cake!!!

Hamlet rolling on the floor!

I love my Mobius Cowl!! (of course I would! hahaha, since I made it LOL) I can't wait to have this in my shop!


alongfortheride's shop

Gussy Sews

Flawed Prefection Jewelry

Have a great Friday everyone!!! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

SUPER BOWL 2011!!!!!

Super Bowl 2011!! My parents host a party every year! Always soo much fun!

Erin was putting the finishing touches on her cookies! Look at that food spread!

Yummy Cake!!

All sorts of yummy goodies!

The famous Trophy! Each year the winner adds something new. 1996-2011 so far

Picking squares to win money!!!

Mum won the first quarter! She's holding a bag of quarters.

I got creative with my cup!

check out those polka-dot earrings from oh sweet joy

Joe won the second quarter!

Austin won the third!

watching the game!

Last years winner, Austin handing it off to this years winner Erin

Final winner gets the trophy and 50bucks! NICE!!

Past winners!!

Remember to Close the Door

So, Saturday is our usual day to go shopping and any other errands we need to do. However, this fateful Saturday we came home to this.

Yarn was everywhere! Living room, kitchen, bedroom. Yeah.

I am closing the closet door where I keep all of my yarn from now on. I'm normally really good at doing this, but for some cosmic brain relapse reason, I just didn't this time.
I love my cats, but honestly, they are little devils!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Giveaway Winners!!

So, thank you to everyone who participated in my very first giveaway! It was exciting!

So now, the winners. I used and generated the winners with the random generator.

Giveaway winner #1 Kim!

Giveaway winner #2 Tammy

Giveaway winner #3 JL

Giveaway winner #4 AuroraMoose

I will be contacting each of you for an address and I will be shipping out these amazing gifts Tuesday!! Thank you again!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Favorite Things Fridays!!!

Remember TODAY!! is the last day to enter my 100th Blog Post Giveaway! Plenty of chances to still win some awesome!!! gifts (sorry bias).

Now Fav Fridays!!

Earlier this week I got my Oh Sweet Joy polka dot button earrings. I LOVE!! them Oh my! Honestly, I might just have to order another pair I love them soo much. I've been wearing them everyday :)

Please check out Kim's shop Trust me on this one!

Last Saturday, Tom and I took a trek out to Cedar, MI. (not really that far from us though) Tucked away in Cedar is an adorable yarn shop called Wool & Honey.
I fell in love with this shop! I also bought my first hanks of malabrigo yarn.
I love this stuff soo much now!! The red one is sock yarn, which, though I have knit baby socks, I have yet to tackle a pair for myself! Here I GO!!!

tshirtforwearing has this awesome sewing machine tee. I love it! Oh how I wish the weather would turn warmer that I could wear this!

I have been staring at sandy a la mode's shop for a long time. Finally, yesterday I decided on which bow I wanted. It was a hard choice! I might have to indulge more! But I think the evangeline grey and yellow bow was a good choice. It will go with a lot!

Now, for some reason, I cannot think of summer or even spring because of all the cold and snowy weather we have had, but! a knitter must plan her projects in advance. Wool and humid summer's just don't make good friends. HOWEVER!!!! knitbot has solved my summer knitting needs. This wispy cardi uses malabrigo lace yarn, light weight perfect for summer!! What a winner!!!! :)
I have also been pondering what to wear for Super Bowl Sunday to show my team spirit! I am not really big into football, (hockey all the way) but my fam holds a party each year. Now, I usually root for the team that is winning in the square that I bought, but I thought I should make something to show my spirit. I made a test product last night, but I will have something better up tomorrow! :)
However, tonight is PEARL'S NIGHT!!!! If you are in the Northern Michigan Area and have never been to Pearl's! there is something wrong with you. They have awesome Crawfish and Cornchowder soup!! I dream about this stuff! sooooo good.
Have a good Friday everyone!!! Don't forget winners will be announced tomorrow Saturday February 5!!!!