Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh my less than a month!!

Seriously sorry for the lack of blogging. This will probably continue well for another few weeks. . . sorry. . .

We have hit the "less than one month" mark for our wedding. I cannot believe that Thursday is the first day of September. . . tick-tock. . . we are down to the wire!! WOW! Pretty funny though, we are not completely stressed. . . hahaha YET!!!

No, honestly, I don't think we will get to that point. Pretty much everything is accounted for, we have ordered our guest book, just waiting on ties, shoes, and headbands :) Gifts for guests will be bought (we know what we are doing for them, just have to actually buy them hahaha) So now we want to focus on our trip. We are spending a week in Portland and Seattle. Recommendations?? We plan to take in a lot, but also, suggestions on Yarn Store are welcome! hahah poor Tom, but yeah me! HEY! If he is taking me up the Space Needle (which honestly I am not keen on because I have a HUGE!! fear of heights) then he can suffer in some yarn shops with me.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday: Knitting

Okay, so sorry that I have been delayed in posting for most of this summer. It's been crazy. Maybe fall will be better??? (Cannot promise, but I sure can try haha)

But, it's time for another Tickle me Tuesday link-up with Sarah.

As you may know, the knitting bug has bitten me once again. Haha, I think this is funny that every year around this time I get the urge to get out my needs and knit. I made Melynda's Breckenridge Cowl last Christmas when Tom got me the lovely Blue Sky Alpaca yarn. I love this cowl and might just have to make another!
I just saw this lovely color over at Center Street Knits. It is Blue Sky Alpaca bulky yarn that is just sooo wonderful!

I noticed this blanket on Ravelry a few weeks ago and I just love it! Might have to knit one up for fall!

Have a great Tuesday!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Favorites: Camera, Yarn, and Best Friends

Happy Friday Everyone!! What a perfect end to a strange week. . . (aren't they always strange. . . hahaha) So, I would like to enlist my followers in helping me choose. I am looking for a point-n-shoot camera for our trip. I know I know, the SLR's are the way to go. But honestly, I want something I can stick in my pocket and not get a neck cramp or worry about damaging a larger camera. Small is good :) I'm looking at two of the following, but if you lovely readers have other suggestions let me know.

I am very partial to Canon (thanks Sara!) So the Canon A3300is is great! 16 megapixel and image stabilization is great! However there is a lag-time of about 4 seconds between photos. However, I don't plan on shooting a race with this camera, it might bug me in the future. But I LOVE CANON!! Oh another thing, suggestions: need to be between $100-$200 dollars. ;)

The second is something I never thought I would venture to. Not to say I don't like Sony, just never thought I'd like their cameras. I'm old school with my brands I suppose. HOWEVER!!! this little guy is rather interesting. It shoots faster than the Canon, also has a special feature for low-light photos. Yeah! Oh N. Michigan winters SUCK! as far as light goes. Boom! if I wanna take a photo after work in the living room, I have to turn every light on and even then, I have trouble. So this little fella might be nice for that. 10 megapix, which I was really hoping for between 14-16, but this has a 10 optic zoom! and a panorama feature. Pretty cool.

Okay, away from tech, to YARN!! I have been bitten by the bug again. This lovely above is gonna be a sock with lovely Malabrigo sock yarn. I love it, and I've had it since last February, so now it's being used.

Back at the end of May, the Plucky Knitter was here in N. Michigan. Ohhh I love her yarn!!! I picked up two of the Primo! So soft!
I wanted a special pattern, so this will be a hat!! I know it's off the needles, but needs finishing touches! It'll have BUTTONS!! Yeah! How cool!!


My besty Ace-Gang member is coming home this today, or tonight rather, for her Wedding next week. I cannot wait to see her tomorrow. I'm putting on her Bach. Party :) It'll be soo much fun!!

Happy Friday!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy 200th Post!!!

Well we have all made it through another Monday everyone! Boy was it a busy day. So let's have some fun!
WOW, I cannot believe this is already my 200th! post!!! WOW!!! For those new comers, welcome! I know I have been pretty bad at posting lately. Truly sorry about that, I will get better!

So I am linking up with Sarah for Tickle Me Tuesday

So, lately I have once again picked up my knitting needles. The Autumn bug is filling my mind and hands (yes, I know it's only the middle of August) but I have taken to getting some ideas.
Melynda's blog at French Press Knits was very helpful in finding this little treasure.
Quintet by Melissa Wehrle
I just love the draping of this cardigan. The combo's of the colors are just amazing! I love it.

The pattern used Classic Elite Yarn Inca Alpaca. Though, I would have dearly have loved to use this amazing yarn, but wallet with-holding, I couldn't. So, I went to knitpicks to get some similar yarn for my project. But it's a secret as to what colors I choose. :)

Okay, so to celebrate my 200th post, here's something special! Use coupon code POST200 for 20% off at my store! WOW!! It will be good till next Monday! So hurry! Getting towards the end of the summer, styles will be gone soon!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday

Yeah, it's Tuesday already!! That means Monday is over with and tomorrow is the middle of the week. So, I'll be linking up with Sarah!

This week is things around my house, and well I love my new peacock blue fiestaware pitcher. It's filled with homemade lemonade. YUM!!

I got a wonderful pizza stone for my bridal shower from Tom's Aunt Deb. I LOVE IT!! I made homemade pizza my own crust and all. Soooo good, and it cooks the pizza so evenly, it's awesome!

Finally, Sunflowers! One of my favorite flowers! I love the bright yellow petals with the dark brown center! :)

Well August is here, insane! Because that means we have less than two months till out wedding. Let the super planning begin. Actually, I am not all that worried. Everything is on schedule.

Happy Tuesday!