Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Corn Maze

Yes, this past weekend, Sunday cleared up and became a beautiful (but cool) day.
So we par-took in a local corn maze at Jacob's Farm.

It was getting warm with my black Hyvent on.

Kim (Tom's Mum) and Cali his niece.

Jenny with the map. Notice this is not my shadow as I am not that tall. So, neither of these two are mine, since well the corn was taller than me.

The entire walk was about 3 miles. A good work-out. Cali was getting tired so we didn't do the other two shorter maze's. However it was a lot of fun.
I cannot wait to get my pumpkins. Which yes, I haven't done yet because of the early crop this year, I don't want my pumpkins to be mold on Halloween.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sorry Everyone

Sorry to those who found out about the update of our wedding through my blog and not in person. Yeah, I feel like one of those people who only posts updates about her life online. . . and not in-person. 

That is not the right way. However, Tuesday turned into a HELL DAY, the other office worker was not doing anything while I had students left and right along with the phone ringing off the hook!!! OMG!!!!

Anyways, I will try to get to the round of calls that I need to make to tell people officially. Again please everyone, except my most humblest apologies for the way that you found out. It was tasteless and not very well done. 

It is almost 5, and usually on Fridays I am out by 3pm but today is different since I do not currently have a car and since it was raining I couldn't ride my bike. Tom however has been a saint with picking and dropping me off. 

Take care, it is the weekend, and I plan to knit and enjoy a pumpkin pie latte this weekend. 


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big News and Long Snooze

So, last week, Tom was playing StarCraft II while I was getting ready for bed. He looks up at me while I put away my knitting and says, "want to get married next year instead?" (Instead of two years out).

Ta-Dah!!!! September 24, 2011 is the planned date, and I have been going insane with excitment. The reason we were waiting was well, for a lot of reasons. I shall announce them now
1. I was going to go for my Masters (now that, that idea is a blow-out for now)
2. We just bought a house last March. However, we have since settled down and are preparing like the squirrels in our yard for winter.
3. We have been together for almost 4 years (November 10!).
4. It's the right age. . . I'll be 26, he'll be 25. Yes, I am the older woman. . . LOL
5. He wants me to have health insurance. He has a great plan, and I well though I have two great jobs (office manager/advertising manager for the college paper) It does not provide me with health insurance.
6. We are in love (DUH!)
7. Damn (pardon moi french) good excuse to have a party!! With Friends and Family!
8. Fricken' good excuse to go on VACATION!!!! Planning on Seattle/Vancover/Portland Yeah, it's gonna be sweet!!
9. CAKE!!!!!!!!!! I love cake!!!!!
and finally 10. Getting married at my favoirte place in the world. My Great Uncles Island aka Happy's Island! Heaven on earth!! I kid you not. I'll load up pics. Or just check out my flickr page. :)

Long snooze, well it's only Tuesday, "nuff" said.

Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Curtains for Us

No, really I mean we are curtain shopping this weekend for out place. We are tired of boring windows without coverage. Plus the fact that everyone can see in the back window an a few others in the house.

Plus, Tom finished wiring the garage, so we are now ready for our fantastic garage door-openers. WEE!!! (It's the little things in life).

Today is FRIDAY (duh), but it is just the strong fact that Fridays are the best day of the week. Saturday is the best day of the weekend. But oh Friday is the light at the end of the tunnel and the light is not a train. Hahaha

I've been knitting like crazy lately. It's been a huge learning process. I really want to get a few patterns off of Ravelry

One of my number 1 projects is these slippers.
French Press Knits sells a pattern for these super adorable slippers. I think I am about there on the skill level to attempt them. I really want to knit a lot of gifts this holiday season. Owning a house and pay back student loans and saving up for a wedding is SUPER straining on a budget. Not to mention that Land's End Canvas is tempting me all the TIME!!!! I love wool, and yarn. I am learning fast about the differences.

WEE it's almost 10! Come on 3 o'clock!! I have to go out to Elk Rapids to take care of my parents cat because they are on vacantion. I plan to stop at Java Jones to stock up on tea, and check out the shops in ER. :) I'm on the quest for the perfect pair of autumn shoes!!! Give me suggestions!!


Favorite Things Friday

Favorite Things Friday, which was inspired by
Yellow Songbird
So, here is my post :)

Blazer from Forever 21

I love this sheep sweater, so cute, I could put another sweater over it and be super warm! Again Forever 21

Last piece for Forever 21, this red plaid shirt with corduroy accents. Super cute and warm!!

My new favorite website. Lands End Canvas.
I love this entire outfit!

This shirt is super cute with the little polka-dots. I think polka-dots are timeless! I have a few sweaters with small and large polka-dots just cannot be beat for that extra accents to an outfit.

I love cowl-neck sweaters. Comfy, cozy for autumn days.

This is really about the pants, but honestly, I love how they tucked the shirt in. Oh, plus the skinny jeans are a must!

Once, again I love the entire outfit. (Oh... I see my checking account being cleaned out. . . )
But it is really the straight jeans. I love jeans. I have cleaned my closet out and got rid of a lot of jeans that were just not what I wanted anymore. I like skinny/straight jeans that are not flares at the ends or wide-leg. I'm 5'5 which I know is not short, however, it sucks when I buy jeans that are too long and I always (and I do mean always) have to roll up the ends to not drag. I hate that scraping noise. So with straight and skinny jeans I can get away without having to always roll them up. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I could get the hemmed. But for those of you who will completely understand what I am talking about when I say that hemming any-pants just is not the same anymore. For some reason, they will either come back too short or just not right. So. . . if I am going to continue to spend my hard-earned dollars I want something flexible.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcome Autumn!

WOW, the temp. sure has dropped. However, I don't mind because YEAH!!! I have a whole new wardrobe! LOL. I usually pack all of my fall/winter clothes away when spring/summer is here. So I love when the season changes, because I get all new clothes again. :)

OMG, I felt like such a panicking moron last night. A little over two years ago, a hose in my car was cracked. I took it into the repair shop and well to make a long story short, they didn't fix the right thing, changed me $300 and my car over-heated while I was driving out to see my folks, had the cared towed back the repair shop when they FINALLY fixed it. Of course on them.
Anyways, so last night it felt like cold air was coming out again, making me panic. But, the car wasn't over-heating. So though I was almost paper-bagging it last night when I told Tom, everything was fine this morning. (rolls eyes). I am such a basket case when it comes to my car. I want it to last and last and last. So today I am getting an oil change and a car wash. I also think I need new front brakes soon, so I might just get those and have Tom changed them. (He did the back ones a few months ago).

Aside from that, and with it being an INSANE!! week here on campus, everything is cool. Tom's birthday is tomorrow! WEEEE!!! Of course, since I know he reads my blog I cannot secretly tell you what I got for him. However, I know he will like it :)

OH!!! The sun is out!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry. . . just saw it through my tiny window at work.)

Enjoy Thursday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just want to say "NO"

Oh man, school is back once again this week with thunderous beginnings. We have had two new people starting and man o' man it's been busy today. I just want to say "No" to someone. Anyone. I just want to be like no, I don't want to help you. . .

What I want to do is go to the store buy a GIANT bottle of WINE, and go home make some spice cupcakes and eat and enjoy my wine. Possibly get some good cheese to go with that wine. Maybe I'll make my special macaroni and cheese (Mum's secret recipe to die for!). Sounds good, comfort food for a day from the under-world. . . yes indeedy-do.


Home here I come!