Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ready For Wontons!!

YUMMY!!!! The Wontons are here!!!!

First off, the Original otherwise known as the "Hamlet" wonton.

Heres the batch of them. Chopsticks ready to munch!

"Red-a-licious" is this one.


"Circus-of Fun"

"Hamlet" again


The colorful group again.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Visiting Charles St.

So tonight, like every Wednesday night I head out to my folks place in Elk Rapids to have a "girl" night with my Mum. It is always super fun because we talk about fashion, hair, our pets and now our homes.

I never fully realized how beautiful my Mum makes her yard out to be. From the small animal figures, to the bird feeders, and the colorful decoration of flowers neatly planted all over the place. I am strictly a novice at this point in time since I have only owned a house for two months and my gardening skills have yet to reach official "green-thumb" status. I admire her for the great amount of effort she places into her yard every year.

There is construction going at Fern St. Possibly ten houses down from us they are tearing up the road. . . for what I have no idea. It should be interesting riding my bike tomorrow to work. I will try and get a first-hand scoop on the under-takings of this repair. With trusty camera in hands I will risk life, limb and dirt smudges to uncover this event.

Nighty night to everyone. . .

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pictures from Fern St.

Welcome to Fern St.

Here is the front of our house. I have planted the walk way with flowers to make it more homey.

This is my fat cat Puck (A Midsummers Night Dream). He guards the front of the house

A closer look at my labor for flowers.

This is the back of the house with the rest of the bird feeders and the gnome's.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wonton Cat Toy

Cat Lovers!!!

So I have been knitting again! Weee. One of the only things that I know how to knit is this cat toy. It is a catnip wonton.

Hamlet is demonstrating the intoxicating experience that the wonton brings on. I have given them to friends and family with cat and all of their little devils LOVE them. Cat who normally don't like cat toys are loving them. Kitties love knitted objects and they love catnip. I am thinking of putting some up for sale on Etsy, but before I do that if anyone likes them I can make one (or more) up for you. I can do many different colors as well.


Okay, so I have FINALLY fixed the comment status on my blog. Feel free to comment without hassle now.
Also sorry for the confusion.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Custom Portrait!

So awhile ago I sent out of a custom portrait done by artist Nan Lawson. This was the result!
It is soo cute! I cannot wait to receive it in the mail!
check out her site please,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kitchen Oh Thy Love Thee!

SOOO, I have been thinking of adding and subtracting to our lovely kitchen. We have drinkware that does not match. Now, in the past that has not been a problem. . . but now I want something more sofisticated!

These goblets are all from Target (love that store). I like the yellow or the green a bit more than the clear. Our kitchen will have a yellow, red and green feel to it.

I have also wanted to get a kitchen cart! These three are again, from Target. Personally my fav is the wooden one. The last one is nice too. I could have that in the dinning room to hold other things as well.

OHH I just love the thought of adding things to our home. This last one would be really good too, a wine rack below. ;) gotta keep that in good supply!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wish List

So I have had my little canon for a few years now. But I would like something more powerful. I have always like canon but I wouldn't mind trying something new.

So. . . the following are all Nikons that I am thinking about.

Okay, I know they look ALL the same. Hahaha but I assure you they are all different. But they are all around the same price range. I am open to comments.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wish List

Though, I do not live in New York, this necklace is sooooo cute. :) Just thought I would share one of my wish list.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Sunday was the grand adventure to Pine Hill to get plants for my yard. I ventured out with my Mum and we enjoyed our time. This place is VERY large!!!

There was a cute little gray cat there. Soo sweet.

The roses were absolutely beautiful. However they require a lot more sun then my yard could give. I picked out a great assortment of flowers. Which I will reveal in a post later today.

When I got home though, Tom had just left to go to Lowes to get bug killer when I walked into this!
Hamlet. . . (topic of everything) was sitting on the window ledge above the kitchen sink. BAD BOY!!! Though I couldn't resist taking a picture.

Whats cookin doc?

I love to cook. . . blunt enough?
It all began when I became allergic to a lot of different foods and also my stomach could not handle processed foods either. So. . . that enlisted me to begin my adventures in cooking.
Since I have been job-shadowing at the local library, I have had the chance to browse their books quiet a bit. Here was my first haul of cookery-bookery (Julia Child)

I cannot wait to try some recipes from this book. I love classical authors, so the Book Club was a perfect choice. They ONLY problem I have with it, there are no HEMINGWAY recipes!!!! :(
For those of you how do not know me, I am a HUGE Ernest Hemingway fan. . . long story short, He was born on July 21, and so was I, only like 90 years different though. Hahaha.

I have not always liked Rachael Ray. However, I have loved her Everyday Magazine and figured I would give her another chance. The Get Real book is good because it is health conscious which is totally what I like to cook.

My Magazines!!! LOVE THEM!!!

OH Julia Child!!! I had to pick this up. I do not have a copy (though I dearly want one) and even though I probably couldn't not cook anything out of this book for fear of what my stomach would do, I don't care. I love Julia Child!!! (duh). She was a determined woman who never gave up. I love that and it just makes more determined as a woman to get published as well.

The Full haul on my bed.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have fixed my comment bar. ANYONE can comment now and PLEASE DO!!!


Gala Awaits!!!

I am very excited to say that the first ever 1017 Fern St bash will be this coming Saturday May 22!!!!!

This event promises to rival those of famous celebrities. . . well maybe not that exciting but it will be fun!!!

I have just gotten my new Food Network Magazine and WOW, it is perfect! Tons of ideas
for finger foods. Which will be goal this week is to plan out the menu for this amazing gala.

So my wonderful fiance has been playing Monster Hunter Tri for the past week. I really enjoy watching it, since it is not a game that I think I could handle because I get anxiety ridden with those kind of games. Give me Cooking Mama any day!! (haha)

Okay, I know my wedding is not for another two years but a girl likes to plan. I went on and started to look up some ideas for wedding invitations. JUST IDEAS! Honestly, I am thinking of making my own. I consider myself pretty artsy and I think I could make unique ones without paying a fortune. No offense, all of these are lovely and would be amazing to have. BUT, Tom and I have to save-up for the honey-moon.

I know I have told a few people where I am going for my honey-moon but I would like to have a little guessing game.

I will make it easy for everyone and give it a dead give-away as to one of the locations on our destination. You must comment in order to find out the answer though. . .

It is where Julia Child and Paul Child were first stationed when they got to Europe

That is TOOO easy. :)
Have fun

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ahhh Saturday

Saturday is the true house work day. Put on some music and go to town. First of course the bedroom, I like to get the laundry started early so that I have plenty of time to get it done. New sheets went on the bed as well as new towels in the bathroom. Sounds exciting I know. . .

Plus since it was sooooooo lovely outside today, I went out and did some yard work. Hard to believe that I am doing yard work. When only a year ago I would have scoffed at doing anything in the yard. I am not a green-thumb yet but I am working on it.
Anyways, so I also hooked up my chubby little boy Hamlet (view earlier post of him stepping on my toast) to his harness and lead and away we went. Hammy loves the outside hard to believe with him being chubby that he would give off any sort of energy aside from laying down.
So as I pulled up weeds that had grown around the fence and the garage I made sure Hamlet didn't go to far. Our yard is not very grassy which we plan to fix but I needed to get the weeds out too. Some of the roots were massive!!! It was also nice and warm outside.

So I am heading out tomorrow with my Mum to get plants for the area. I am excited to do this because our yard will finally begin to look home-like.

Well off to bed.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Okay, so I have been thinking of giving our lovely little bedroom a little POP of color!

I bought this adorable bed-spread from ebay.

From ikea of course. I love ikea! But this was an older model and is no longer available!

Sooo I have had the hardest time trying to find things that match.

So, I have thought of getting a new one which I know I can add pillows and it will look well put together!

It's by Springmaid from Target. I love it. Soooo much color and it's reversible!

One morning. . .

So one morning, I think it was a Saturday Tom and were having breakfast in the dining room while the two cats were swarming below. They are really good about not begging for food. HOWEVER, Hamlet

decides to throw away all inhibitions and jumps up onto my lap and splat! He steps right smack dab in the center of my toast.
At this point I am completely unaware of what just happened. Of course I yell and he goes sailing off and I had to make another piece of toast. Meanwhile the “prince” is over in the corner licking his paw.

And it begins. . .

Hello everyone!!!!

I have blogged in the past but this time it is for real. My fiancé Tom and my two boys (cats rather) Hamlet and Nanaki have moved into a lovely little house on Fern Street. We moved in late March of 2010 and have been settling in ever since.

My first few post will be to catch you up to speed on how we got to where we are now.

It was a dreadful winter like always in Michigan and I was lazily sitting on our couch in our living at our apartment. My fiancé Tom was playing StarCraft and I was surfing the internet. I came across a real state website and started to browse the houses and condos in our area. Tom leaned over asking what I was looking at.

"Just looking" I said. Of course that is where everything starts is with the phrase "just looking." I'm sure Caesar said "Just looking" when he was about to conquer Rome.

This "just looking" turned into "just buying" a few weeks later. We secured out lovely little house in no time flat. There was also the nice little incentive to buy now with the tax credit.

We began to pack up our belonging which was no small task. I am a firm believer that when you move in with someone you accumulate a lot of STUFF. The boxes mounted and the anxiety was building. We closed on the house and moved our stuff in during the next two days.

It took awhile for everything to feel right. But after nearly two months, it feels like home.