Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow Day and Prints

So, as I woke up this morning hearing the roar of the snow-plow going by, I checked my i-pod touch (wifi), and saw that the college that I work at was closed. I rolled back over (snuggled up with Tom) and went back to sleep. SNOW DAY!!!!!
However, I have gotten a lot done today. Dishes, laundry, massive shoveling! Plus, I now have some fabric samples for everyone. (more and more to come as I edit them!)

This was the view outside out window this morning. That's about 5 inches worth of snow over night. We have since gotten about another two. NOTHING! compared to my parents who got 10 inches! Oh my!!! Poor spring. . . how Northern Michigan loves to tease.
So, we are coming up on our one year anniversary that we have been in our lovely little Fern Street home. How should I celebrate. . . maybe a giveaway? suggestions?


Jes said...

LOVE the fabrics! Especially the birdcages, JoAnn's?

Dani said...

Beautiful fabrics! I love the second one, and the birdcage one!

Kel said...

totally! I found it at JoAnn's. Designer fabric which is ubber nice!

I'll have plains coming up soon! yellows, browns, beige's, blues! goes great with the prints!

Sandy a la Mode said...

ohhhhh those are some lovely fabrics!! love the one w/ the circles!! and you have that much snow?!?! yikes!! stay warm!!