Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Snapshot: One Year Today

So for this week, I decided to post a picture of our lovely little house. And to celebrate that, one year ago today, we moved into our place on Fern Street.
(Isn't our house the cutest!)
This picture was taken after I finished planting flowers along the path in May 2010. When we moved last year, we did not have any snow. Now (since we got dumped on Wednesday with 15 inches). I think back to how lucky we were that weekend we moved to have lovely weather. I think it was in the 60's! WOW! and today. . . right now it's probably -2 degrees.

So, I am linking up with Kim, over at yellow songbird

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Happy Saturday!


Kimberley said...

That is such a cute house! Love the flowers, will they rebloom after the snow or will you need to replant? Found you via Yellow Bird.


BB Goad said...

super cute house! love the flowers :)

virginiamae said...

Congratulations! Cute indeed! What will you plant this year!?