Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday

Here we are, 5 days before Christmas, and I am still trying to get holiday knits done and wrapped. . . will she make it? I have confidence in myself. . . the question is. . . do my fingers?

Anyways, time for another round of Tickle Me Tuesday with Sarah!

I just love these stitch markers! Bison, Alpaca, Sheep and Camel! Too cute!

If only I knew how to cross stitch this would be first on my list! Mr. Darcy print!

I try my hardest not to come to this anymore. . . It's a challenge every-now and then it happens. I don't know how they get into it, but they do.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Project Knit Before Christmas

Okay, so I must be insane to cast on a project that needs to be completed before Christmas. Not only that, but I need to complete at least TWO of them!

I'll let you guess as to what I am knitting.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cold Hands Warm Hearts Swap

This is my second year participating in Cold Hands Warm Hearts! I just couldn't wait for it to start this year I was so excited!
It was something to look forward to during a busy season!
So here goes:

Whitney was my swap partner this year. It was great getting to know her through our email conversations. She got it right on the noise! :)

I am a true sucker for a giant bar of DARK CHOCOLATE! (It has been consumed happily in my stomach now)
Chap Stick is a must for Northern Living. . . I best hide it from the hubby, he tends to steal my chap stick.

I LOVE! These mittens! I am a knit girl through and through---obviously since I knit! Haha. I love the fact that I can switch to mittens and the thumb has a flap for my touch-phone!

I was getting ready for work this morning, Tom was kind enough to take my picture! Yes, that is a Seattle's Best Coffee mug, one of my favs cause it shows a scene of Seattle on it! Got this mug YEARS ago.
Thank you Whitney, Sandy and Illy for this fund filled event!

Time to link up!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday

I am linking up with Sarah for another round of Tickle Me Tuesday!

This is my newest item added to my etsy shop. Morse Code Amore Necklace!

I've been eyeing this pattern for awhile. . . I really should make it I think.

Finally I have a picture of my Gramps Slouch by Kate Oates. I used one of my Portland Yarns to make it. I love this hat because it goes over my ears, doesn't ruin my hair-do, and is really cute!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Shawls and Cowls

This Holiday Season, I haven't been knitting nearly as many gifts as I was last year. So this year, I feel a bit lost. However, that lost-ness is gone and filled with challenging knits. However, I have been eyeing a few cowls (which I love) and a shawl. I've never really knitted a shawl, so I figured a smaller easy one should do the trick!

Live Oak Shawlette (one I shall attempt with)

I really just like the picture, but the print on the cowl is nice too! :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Hump-Day from Hamlet

Even with our new baby home and getting a lot of love and attention, one boy continues to keep my attention.

He is the prince after-all.

He loves laying next to the heat vents, to gain the warmth.

This cutie will always be my little boy. I mean come on, look at that face!! This is his, Mommy pet my tummy cause I wanna play-mode.
He continues to follow me into the bathroom every morning, he loves the shower running. If I am knitting on the couch (which is almost every night now) he jumps up and lays in my lap. My two weeks that I spent at home back in early November, he never left my side. Though, Odin is getting a lot of love and attention, Hamlet you will always have my heart!

Happy Wednesday Hammers!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Made it past Monday and now we are getting into the thick of the week!
A lot has gone on in the past two weeks at the Haug house! Good changes I should say. So I am gonna link up with Sarah over at Yes, Teacher for Tickle Me Tuesday!

I have yet to knit a cozy cowl for myself this year. Hmmm, perhaps this one is in my future! I've been working on getting holiday knits out so that this year I am not rushing during Christmas Eve, like I was last year. Here's hoping! haha.

This year Tom and I finally made a Gingerbread House! I think it's cute, a little messy, but hey does it ever turn out like it does on the box??

And last but certainly not least! Our new addition to our kitty family. He's HUGE!!!! 19lbs! and only a year and a half! WOW!!! We were certainly surprised when we meet him. His name is Odin (yeah, like the Norse God) fitting for our strange brewed of cat names, Nanaki and Hamlet. . . now Odin. He's been with us for just over a week now and he is getting more and more used to the house. The other boys don't mind him as much anymore, and I can see playing in the future. He's a big fan of this chair in the living room. And he purrs like a motor!! He loves to be held, which I find is humorous considering his LARGE size. Tom is over the moon about him and so am I. Of course our other two boys get plenty of love during this adjustment period.

So that's my Tuesday!!! :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

So it has been a significant amount of time since I have linked up with Lindsey over at the pleated poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.
I believe the last time was this post

So here we go!

I love my grey flats, they were the ones at my wedding (I know pictures will come. . . )
Shoes: Target
Cowl: made by me, pattern by the talented Melynda
Sweater: Oldnavy
Tee: Oldnavy
Jeans: Gap outlet
Headband: Target (old)
Glasses: Converse

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Items In the Shop

As promised (a bit late. . . ) but here is a look at the new items that are in the shop.

Winter has inspired me, so we have a Christmas themed items.

Check them out, items are one of a kind! :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Free Shipping!

Happy Black Friday Everyone!!!

Today at the SHOP, it is Free Shipping!!! WOW!!!
Use coupon code BLKFRYDAY. It can be used on even custom items!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

WOW A New Look!

So, if any of you have visited the blog recently, you will have noticed that it looks A LOT different. Well that is thanks to my dear friend and talented computer/photographer Sara check out her stuff, it's amazing.

As for regular posting, I will getting back to it very soon here! It has taken some time to really find a meaning to everything lately. I will tell you that I have taken a new route in life. New jobs new journey's. I am very happy in my life now, and I will be sharing that with everyone very soon. I have been knitting up a storm! And will devote to more post involving what I've been working on.

Also check out the shop!

It had a new look to it as well!!! More items to come!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

I am linking up with Krystina at lollipops today for What I Love Wednesday

I love my Target boots! They are super cozy and warm!

Rocky Coast Cardigan! Is super cute! I really wanna get the pattern and knit it up! But must wait till after Christmas.

Fibre Company Organik! I just love all of the colors! Super soft and great to knit with.

Have a great Wednesday aka Hump Day!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Yarn Skein Swap

Okay, so I just had a thought. . . doesn't happen often enough haha.

For all of those knitters out there, wouldn't it be fun to swap your favorite skein with someone? I think so. It's a great way to get to know someone and to get new fiber ideas.

Let me know if you think that is a good idea. If we get several people interested, maybe this will work?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wedding Part One

The Day Before

We held our wedding at a local place here in Northern Michigan. It was a lodge covered in hardwood and a lovely pavilion down by a small lake. It was perfect for us. We were hoping to have our ceremony outside and the reception inside. It took us a while to find this place, but when we did we knew it was perfect.
I had hand painted each bird house which had the table numbers written on them. A little bird sitting on each was Tom's idea. Nice touch I think.

We hung paper lanterns which Jenny (sister-in-law now :) and her husband Jon helped us put them up. It would have taken forever if it weren't for them.

I really want to incorporate mason jars in the wedding. So Tom came up with the idea of putting candles in them. Rocks as the bottom mini pumpkins surrounding the candle and moss and leaves around them. Then we got these pine cones from Tom's Mom. It was great!

See that's table 6! with the birdhouse and the little bird perched on it!

Tom's Mom also found these amazing lantern plants. They were perfect!!

Gift table :)

Another view of the place

I just loved the birdhouses!
I think this one was my fav cause the bird is on the chimney.

A lot of help from everyone, parents, siblings, friends. So much help to put everything together!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hair-Raising Changes!

Shortly after Tom and I got back from our honeymoon we decided we wanted to do something drastic.

These two photo's are pre-hair cut.

Post hair cut!

We both had more than enough hair so we donated it! We both love our new hair cuts! So much faster getting ready in the morning! It would take forever to blow dry my hair!

Yarn out West

So, probably not everyone cares about yarn, however, this will be a post about my spoils from out west! So Portland is MECCA!! for yarn! It was such a great place! I loved each shop I dragged Tom to. Hahaha, poor guy. . . he was a good sport about it though.

These two are from Seattle actually. Blue Sky Alpaca, which is one of my favorites to use. Really soft baby alpaca yarn in sport weight. I knitted up a pair of fingerless gloves with this! (pic will be up soon!)

Now on to Portland. Honestly, I wish I could have spent more time at Knit Purl! It was a really nice shop downtown Portland, but we had dinner reservations :)

If I had to pick my favorite, it would have to be Happy Knits! This places was really pretty inside! It was hard to pick my yarn out at this place. But I also snagged this cute project bag :) Tom also picked out some yarn for a hat he saw in the store (photo will come soon!) The multi color is Malabrigo Worsted, (Tom's choice) The red is Madeline Tosh Worsted.

I also really like Yarn Garden! Such pretty yarn there! Why is it so hard to choose yarn? Oh right, cause I'm not rich hahaha. Plus, out suitcase could only hold so much. Tom also picked out some yarn! I think it was fun for him to choose some too!