Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend of Crafts

This past weekend, I took some time off of Internet, and made a ton of knitted/crafty items. Tom went to a concert in Detroit, while I stayed at home with the boys (cats rather) and knitted up a storm. I got 7, YES SEVEN!!! items completed! WEEE!!! The Holiday Knitting is going great!!

Okay, so I am not really sure why these pictures rotated, but just turn your head and you'll see them just fine!

I knitted/felted these adorable baby booties from French Press Knits
I made these for a co-worker whose wife is expecting. We are having a party for them today.

I plan to make another pair for my soon-to-be nephew (Tom's sister) is having a baby boy!
However, I would love to make Cali Tom's niece, who is almost 3 a pair. I haven't quite figured out how yet, because she wears a childs 7. I will endeavour to figure this out.

I love how the green turned out!

I have been working on my ribbon tree, from Yellow Songbird

However. . . (sighs) I was over-come with cute adorable ribbons, that I didn't think twice about the size. Well. . . I really should have gotten thicker ribbons, these two rows took forever! And I am not even all that sure it looks good.

Darn my attention span. . . for not getting thicker ribbon. I may do more though.

More slippers came out this weekend. They look a bit lumpy in the photo's but trust me these are my best yet by far!! After the holidays, I might just make a new pair for myself!

Now, this is a surprise!! I also couldn't post something else on here until after they receive it but I just had to add a little teaser! WOW THAT Rhymes!!! Any guesses??? You'll have to wait!
However, I not only got all of that wonderful knitting/crafting done, I got a lot of shopping done. I only have a few more items to get now, mostly internet shopping, CYBER MONDAY!!! Actually I cashed in my rewards on my credit card for a gift card to finish off my shopping. Smart eh? I figured it will save a bit. I also got myself a few deals *shhh* Nothing special, just a few long-sleeve tees from the Gap Outlet and Old Navy for like $1 each! So I didn't really over-spend there.
Sunday was spend with my man, enjoying our last day of vacation together. A bit of knitting, and a bit of Wii Resort Sports, and it is back to Monday. . . ugh. . . Can we fast-forward to Friday?? Actually my family is coming this weekend. Well just parts of my family. My Uncle, who lives in Michigan is turning the big 6-0!! And so, my Aunt and Uncle (brother and sister) who live in Canada, my Aunt from western, and my Uncle from London ON. It will be good to see them.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Outfit

So I have been thinking of the holiday season, and what best to wear. I love thinking about these sort of things. :)

I love this red sweater from Maurices.

This Celtic Border dress is really cute. Wouldn't it go well with the red sweater? I think leggings, and boots, possibly. . .
However, I probably, (with getting presents) hold back from holiday splurging. Saving up for the wedding as well. . . But trust me if I could. . . I would :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Favorite Things Friday Part 1

I hope to have a part two, but here are a few.

Sweater from Forever21

Boots from Payless

Tunic dress from One Star by Converse.
This would awesome with leggings.
Thinking about the holidays :) What to wear deal, you know.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter Warmth

I did not make the gloves. . . sadly. . . I will however, have some soon.

My finished Holiday Hat and Holiday Cowl.

For some reason, I am really into red right now. I'm not really sure why. I usually love earthy tones a lot more. Maybe the festive bug has bitten me or something, but red is it right now!!
I'm really looking for a great red plaid button down shirt. Hopefully I have will have one soon :)
So Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Knitting Weekend

Friday in the mail came my wonderful Ella Rae Latte yarn. I was giddy with excitment as I ripped open the package, and immedately started the cowl from French Press Knits

I don't mean to always be talking about this designer, actually I do. If you are a beginner in the knitting world, her patterns are so easy to follow. The results are amazing :) So there is my say in the matter.

The improve hat from French Press Knits.
I'm really excited because this will take the place of my fall cowl and autumn hat. WEEE!!!

My stash of ella rae latte yarn. I would totally get this yarn again. Super soft, easy to use, great buy.
I should be done tonight with both. Pictures to follow.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Updates for the slippers.

The gray ones are mine :)

Some don't have buttons yet. Well, they do, but I started to fall asleep the other night sewing them on. Tom got me an electric blanket for our anniversary-- because I would normally heat up my wonderful rice pillow because I just like to be all warm and toasty while knitting, he got me the blanket.-- So this was the finished products. I have a few more still drying. Plus more knitting going on. Tis the season to knit!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Felting Weekend

So, this past weekend it was a felting factory on our basement. In went five pairs of slippers for Holiday Felting Fun. It's times like these that I do wish I had a top loading washer. Other than that, I love my side loader.

I promise to provide pictures. They are just about dry enough to put the finishing touches on.

I have also cast-on for more birthday/holiday presents. In attempt to burn down the giant pile of fibers sitting in my closet cubby, I have started an new project. Hahaha, but I'm not going to tell you what. :)

Oh, the weather has also perked up for the next few days Northern Michigan will be in the 60's!!! Yes, November is the current month. I love every minute of it.

I'm feeling pretty festive this year. I am making a pumpkin pie FROM SCRATCH!! Yes, I already cooked my pie pumpkin and it is in my freezer awaiting the Thanksgiving for my ultimate pumpkin pie. More details when I bake it.

I really want to decorate the house this year for Christmas. First year in our house, not an apartment, a house!! I don't want to go over board like the music houses.

That will not happen. Though it would be funny.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Knits, Tea, Good-Bye Halloween

Two years ago (almost) my friend Jessie got me this beautiful tea mug and wonderful tea. Last year, Tom got my this red electric tea kettle, what a combo! I love tea, and now that November is here in full swing with breezy evenings, tea is the best (well one of the best) ways to warm up. Another one is kitties!!!

Halloween night at Fern St. Candles a-glow!!

My pumpkin was an owl and Tom's was a bat. Fun times!!

French Press Knits Frosted Glow Cowl Pattern

I finished it. It was a challenge with learning new techniques, but it was a lot of fun!!

The low-light doesn't show the true color.

Pardon my ultra pale skin. Hahaha

My fiance (Tom) loved it! He loves it a lot more than the catnip wantons I was mass making a few months ago. I cannot believe how far I have advanced in just a few months. Two months ago I would have never attempted this. Now I love going after new patterns. Perhaps cable-knitting in right around the corner!

Hamlet looking around a corner!

The boys are hungry. They stalk me in the morning Meowing FOOD FOOD FOOD!!! MOMMY FEED US!!!!

OH man, I really hope I don't sound like an endorsement for French Press Knits, but honestly, these are such great patterns, how could one not?

Anyways, French Press Knit Slippers
(join Ravelry and find out (it's free)) is a lot of fun to make. Plus, I am making them for gifts for people. No, don't adjust the screen, that is LIME green. :) Color request, of which I think will look AWESOME!!! Like Key Lime Pie (YUM)

Slippers in progress. I think this makes number 6? I don't know, I'll have more pictures this weekend, because I am tossing a bunch in the washer to begin felting for several. Can't show too much though. I think some read my blog. :)