Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend At Fern Street

The weekend is gone, once again here's Monday, bleh! It was very windy this weekend here in N. Michigan. But we braved it! Tom is in the last stage of the his cold and mine is almost gone. Yahoo!
I was working in the studio this weekend, trying, testing new products. :) less than two months! But I really want to have more items in the shop. Hopefully sometime this week. (sorry I keep delaying)

Couldn't resist with some Hamlet photo's! He loves to lay on this chair. We put a few blankets on there for him :)
I really need to photograph him when he migrates from window to window. The sun comes up facing our dinning room window, so he's basking in the sun over there, then as the sun moves, he migrates to the living room in the afternoon. He has one special window that he loves the lay in. Very cute! haha

Okay, so I am trying really hard at getting better at the whole "green thumb-ness" in life. So when I saw that this guy lived! I was really happy. And, low and behold, he loves his shaded spot! Yahoo!!

And, my daffodils survived the snow-storm and squirrel barrage! Their tough fighters! (P.S that not grass behind them LOL it's daisy's haha)

Our kitty love wouldn't be complete without Nanaki! He's laying on Tom's shirt! haha. I trimmed his mane up, it was little long and looking rather scraggly.

Did you have a good weekend??


Jill said...

I've said it before but I'll say it again, your kitties are adorable! Nanaki looks like a gray lion :)

MJ {The Honeypie Archives} said...

Cute cats! Glad your flowers survived :)

Feeona said...

Nawww you have such gorgeous kitty's (-:

Kimberlee said...

Your flowers look so pretty. I love spring flowers.

Sarah B. said...

What pretty kitties!! :)

Sarah B. said...

What pretty kitties!! :)