Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Year Blogiversary

Alright, better late then never huh?
Happy One Year Blogiversary to ME!!
I have some awesome giveaway planned for this coming week! Check back Monday for the first wonderful giveaway. Each one will be up for an entire week, (to give the same amount of exposure to each) and then after their full week, I will announce the winners. Super excited!
But for today, I'll be taking you back in time. . . one year. . .

We bought a house. . . WOW! Crazy! Actually, we bought the house in March, but I didn't start this blog till May.

Our house is cat approved. Hamlet being rather bad when I got home from shopping. Yeah. . .

Battle begins of me vs. squirrels. This was just the tip of the ice-berg.

Oh summer, how I miss you! We went blueberry picking with my family. Honestly, we still have a TON of blueberries lefts. . . maybe we will do something different this year. heh!

We went to an amazing corn maze this year. Cali (niece) who was about 2.5 years was really good when we went. It was a lot of fun, very nice day outside as well.

My dear friend Sara got married in October. It was such an amazing wedding, one could not have hoped for a better day, it was like 70! FOR OCTOBER! IN MICHIGAN!!! YAHOO!!!! (cross fingers we get such weather for ours)

Our first Halloween at Fern Street. Our pumpkins with candles in them, plus mums, plus candles in window and fall wreath. YEAH!! it was awesome. . . we got 3 trick-o-treaters. It was sad, but fun :)

I started to knit super insanely this year. It was a blast! I loved creating so many Christmas gifts for everyone!

Super Bowl Party! Awesome fun, didn't win any money, but sported an awesome mustache cup ;)

Yeah, we had a GIANT snow storm in March, then LATE April!!!! (sigh)

I went brown with my hair! WEEE!!!

Opened my shop in etsy! :)

And, here we are again! (Tulips this year instead of pansy's) A lot has happened, we are getting married in September, I'll be turning 26! WHAT!!!! I have another wedding to attend--Year ERIN!!
We are honeymooning in Portland and Seattle, I am attending my first craft show! SOO MUCH! And honestly, I love every minute of it! I cannot believe it has been a year blogging on this site. I have been blogging on another address for many years before, but I was a bit wishy-washy. I want to thank each and everyone who reads and comments on my blog. I always love reading and commenting on other people's blog that it is always an enjoyable experience.
So please check back on Monday for the first giveaway, but before then, why not take a little spin with a preview!

A little taste of giveaways! (check out their shops before hand! TOTALLY AWESOME!)

Jill Zielinski from Knitterella and Jill Zielinski Designs
Dani Draper of Veggies Have a Hearts
Anne Pilon of Wattlebird
Erika Riggs of Rouge and Whimsy
And possibly more!

Have a lovely rest of the weekend! I am getting a lot of items ready for our wedding and for the craft show :) YAHOO!

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