Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Winner for the Rouge and Whimsy Giveaway and What I Wore Wednesday

We have ourselves another winner!!! Erika of Rouge and Whimsy so wonderfully provided us with this lovely headband to be given away to one lucky person.

using again with the numbers 1-24 and the winner is:

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star4227 said...

Tweeted :) - along_the_path

I will be emailing you with the contact information for Erika. Thank you again! And don't fret if you didn't win, there are still several more giveaways! Today is the last day to enter Wattlebird's giveaways! Check it out!

And now, what I wore Wednesday, I will be linking up with Lindsey from the pleated poppy again!

So this weekend was beautiful weather! I really should have snapped a pic of my outfit on Sunday, I LOVED it. Grey oldnavy skirt, white v-neck top from target, and teal flats from target. SOO cute! grrr. . . I must get better with the camera. I'm just not used to taking pics of myself.

BUT! it has once again turned cold here in N. Michigan. Ho-Hum. At least I have my red Tom's with me! (Wanted to wear Ssekos, but it's gonna rain today. . . )

Cardi: Target
Shirt: Target
Tank: Aerie
Jeans: Gap Outlet
Shoes: Toms

Tonight I am heading downtown with my Mum to see Jane Eyre, and get some yummy food. But we are also checking out my wedding band, I want to show her. We shall be going tomorrow (Tom and I) to purchase them! I love it sooo much. I had chosen my band before, but went back and for some reason, it just wasn't that great anymore. Tom picked a great one for himself. Titanium, with a brushed look to it. He doesn't care for shinny and bright, which I agree, there not 'him'. So they have to send away for his. Bummer, but mine they have in-store. They were worried because the diamonds go 3/4 the way around and to size it down to my size would be hard, but they can do it. Honestly, I love this place! They are TONS better than say jewelry stores in a mall! From personal experience the places in the mall made both Tom and I feel like we were 1. not spending enough, 2. being silly for just looking, 3. just being snotty towards us when we asked for a specific style. I'm sure it's not the same for everyone, this is just what happened to us.

Can you tell I'm excited! Oh it's very pretty, a bit more than what my first one cost, but my sweet sweet man was like "get the one you want" He's such a sweet guy :)

So, have a great Wednesday everyone!!


star4227 said...

Woo hoo! Thanks!

Jes said...

We saw Jane Erye last week at the state, made fr a great date night!

Cami @ All Things Lovely said...

so glad you stopped by! Your red toms are darling!!! I love the red and yellow together!