Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring at Fern Street

Maybe I really need to start saving my posts. . . hmmm

Anyways, I will try and recreate my post from yesterday.
Spring time at Fern Street everyone!!
Tom and I are doing a much better job this year, now that we sort-of know what we are doing-yard wise!

I love my tulips coming in, but yes, there is a stray daffodil in the midst. Darn bulbs all look alike.

I love my copper bird bath that I got last year.

A view of the backyard. Yes, those are gnomes, and they are holding up a gazing ball.

I thought this guy was a goner, but Strawberry plants are stronger than I thought! :)

Up Next: Friday Favs!

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Jill said...

i love the tulips! :)