Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone!! Made it through yet another week. This week was hard, with my cold, but I did it! (voice still cracking. . . ) and now Tom's gotten a mild version of my cold! Poor guy. He's taken it easy today at home. Rest up!

BIG NEWS!!! Really excited to share with you! I GOT INTO MY ART SHOW!!!!! YAHOO!!!!
July 3! WOOT!! This is big because, here in great ol' N. Michigan that is the week of the National Cherry Festival! YES! I got into the Cherry Fest Art Show Downtown TC!! (Traverse City for non-residents haha). If you're in the area, come and check out my booth!! So, I will be crafting for the next two months! Advice is totally welcomed, I'm scared and nervous but mostly excited!

Now, let's get to some of my fav's this week shall we!

I love this hoop-art kitty!
meowadays makes some adorable stuff!

couldn't resist adding this cutie :)

GO MICHIGAN!! Truche has these adorable 'I Heart States' collection. I love it!

I love American Eagle Tanks, and Aerie tanks as well!

made this adorable print! This made me laugh!!! hahaha, that is totally my cats!

Have a great weekend everyone! I might post, might not post. Busy weekend. We are going to look at our reception/ceremony place tomorrow. Mothers have not seen it yet, plus I will be taking pictures to see what we have to work with. Crunch time, less than 5 months!!! WEE!! Plus, I have to get the store ready! New May items are coming!!

What are your weekend plans?


unopenedletter said...

So excited that you got into the art show, I'll have to come check it out!
I'm on vacation and have the house all to myself for the weekend, so I'll be knitting my first scarf.

Ruby Girl said...

congrats on getting into the art show! how fun. love the michigan necklace. they need one for WI/MN :) <3

Alely said...

i've been looking for a good tank top that doesn't stretch out. mine are from old navy and it stretches like crazy. will give american eagle ones a try. thanks for sharing!

Jes said...


Kelly said...

congratulations on getting into the show! sounds like some fun and busy days are ahead for you!