Monday, April 4, 2011

April Showers

Michigan check it out!

Happy Monday everyone!!! my day is almost over with-yahoo!!!

Okay, so I am filling out my first application for an arts and crafts fair. WOW!! insane right? Any advice would be amazing! :)

I have about three months to prepare for! WOOT!!! Cannot wait.

So as weekends normally do, it went by really fast. We got a lot done though. We went to get Tom fitted for a suit for our wedding. I don't like tuxes, so since Tom doesn't really care, he will be wearing a suit!

We also picked out our rehearsal dinner place. Very exciting! Plus, we have been working on my business cards, new banner, and buttons!! yahoo!! So much fun! Plus, a friend bought a necklace, and another one is buying a shirt! WOW! However, I will be honest, my first non-local order will be amazing! But I honestly, thank each and every-one of my friends and family for the orders! You are my peeps! Loves!

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Alely said...

yes, i agree! thankful for those friends and family who order. that's how i started too and they still continue to buy and support my little craft hobby.