Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Eggs!

Okay, so first off, I would like to thank each and everyone for coming to my blog, taking time to comment and read my (most of the time) rambling posts. Thank you!

Last Friday Tom and I went over to my friend Judy's house to paint Easter Eggs. There was a bit of a twist to them though. We decorated them in the "pysanky" style. Check them out! I did one over the summer but these are not to keep. A different non-toxic dye.

This one is suppose to be chicken feet :)

This one may look easy, but all of the white had to be filled in. It took Tom quite a while to complete. You put wax over the part that you want to be white, the rest become the color you dip.

I tried my hand at some chevrons!

Had to get some bunting flags in there

Tom's funny little guy!

This was Tom's first egg. He did an amazing job. He was going for more of a traditional egg design. The first layer he colored everything he wanted white, dipped it in orange, colored everything he wanted orange, then dipped it in green. Pretty cool!

A co-worker on Tuesday brought in her baby chickens. These little guys are one day old! Amazing. I heard peep peep peep all day long haha.


Jill said...

The baby chicks are cute! Those are some fancy eggs you guys made!

Dani said...

CHICKIES!! So cute!! ^_^

Jes said...

I love the eggs! My favorite is the one with the flags.