Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Joy

Happy Monday everyone. (Yeah, I know, it's Monday-bleh but I try to be happy)

Sunday for us in N. Michigan was BEAUTIFUL! It was nice and warm, so Tom filled my bike tire with air and away we went to the downtown region. We got our first frozen chai to celebrate! I was also sporting my first t-shirt of the year as well! YAHOO!!!

We also washed the window's down, this kitty was totally enjoy the sunshine.

Hamlet, as most of you know him, loves going outside! I have a harness for him so while I was racking this trouble maker was enjoying the breeze. After I took him inside, he was wild man. Terrorizing Nanaki all night. Haha, it was rather funny. (And yes, he is rather chunky! Don't let the stretching fool you. He's like 14lbs. Little head, big belly)

Tom loves cake, I love cupcakes. So when I went to make a "cake" there was too much batter left. So I made two cupcakes for us last night. Yummy chocolate frosting. HEY! we had a BIG bike-ride yesterday, it was our treat!

So, it was a good thing we took our bike-ride earlier. Because, around 6:30p.m. last night, this happened. Another light show with thunder RIGHT after. It scared me and Hamlet who was in the kitchen with me. He was so startled that he flew into the bedroom. I didn't see him till about 9:00 that night! BUT! look! no more snow! opps better not jinx this. Our bird-feeder is suppose to have a baffle on it to keep squirrels off, but the rain was sooo heavy it pushed the baffle down to the ground. INSANE! Friday was a big surprise. I wish Tom had told me to bring my camera. We went over to his folks for dinner, and low and behold, Jenny was up from Ohio (Jenny being Tom's sister) Cali (niece) and Joshua (nephew) were there as well. Joshua was adorable! Tom fed him and afterwords, ( I still laugh at this) Tom was holding Josh up and as Josh went to smile and giggle, he threw up a little right on Tom. Haha! I couldn't help myself. We asked if Cali could be our flower girl for our wedding. She was very excited! I cannot believe how fast this wedding is coming up. INSANE!

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Happy Monday!


Kelly said...

those cupcakes look super yummy!

Jill said...

Hamlet is adorable!!! ahh i wanna pet him. When is the wedding?!

Kel said...

Kelly- They were awesomely good :)

Jill- The wedding is September 24! yahoo!!

jordyn said...

now i want some cupcakes.. so much for eating healthy and getting in shape. :)