Thursday, April 21, 2011

Please, Spring Come Back

Tuesday night we were treated to a disaster of slushy snow. Yeah, This was Tuesday night, it continued till morning.

Words fail me when I see this. Look at the snow on my bird feeder/squirrel baffle.

This was taken a week ago. Yes, that is a squirrel sitting on a fence with a piece of bread. The squirrels in our area are evil. I say this lightly, because one may think they are cute and fuzzy, but they are: case-in-point here
So I asked Tom if we put any stale bread out. (which we do to keep them at bay from the feeder, see above the squirrel baffle) He said, no. So, I just had to get this photo. Our neighbor (whom I also work with) Amanda put out bread too! Haha, I will give them credit for one thing, they are smart and crafty.


Sandy a la Mode said...

did you really just post this today!?! gahh!! i can't believe you have soo much snow, hope it melts away fast!

Dani said...

I'll take some of that snow, but I don't want it until Saturday, maybe Friday night. I have made plans to do NOTHING this weekend (This is a very long week with lots of late nights), and snow wouldn't hurt. ;) In the mean time, I'll try to mail some of our 80 degree weather up there. Maybe if I send enough random boxes full of sunshine, it'll warm the place up as people open them!

christine donee said...

oh no.

I am sending warm sunny thoughts your way!

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