Friday, April 15, 2011

OH MY! IT'S 150!

"How Much Is That Kitty In The Window?"

Sorry everyone, he's mine!

Hamlet loves to look outside a lot. We have wide window ledges in our house. Perfect for chubby kitties.

So, back in the Fall, I raced against the elements to plant bulbs. Well, squirrels are evil and dug up several. I was worried they wouldn't survive. Guess what some did!!

This is along the front walk-way. Honestly, I think they will be tulips, haha! can't remember everything that I planted. Sad, I know.

New headband color! I have yellow and grey too. I wanna do a coral one as well. But I LOVE the mint color right now.

And, yes, I had to make a funny face, come on, it's Friday! survived another week.

SPRING15 is still going on! for 15% off at my store! I plan on posting new stuff, and probably putting items on sale. And yes, your coupon would be good on sale items! Friday Favs coming up next!

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