Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

I love Halloween!

I cannot say that enough. . . I love seeing the kids all dressed up and going door to door. Hopefully we will get some kids coming tonight. We bought three bags of candy. . . so I hope we get some.

Tom is working in the basement, while I (post in my blog) and begin making pretzels. YUMMO!!
I plan on also making veggy-stuffed shells. I wouldn't call myself a complete veg, the reason, I need to have protein since I am anemic. I eat fish mostly, and chicken/turkey. Hardly ever do I eat beef or pork. Not a huge fan of it either, the texture is funny sometimes, plus the whole grass fed beef is really expensive-compared to chicken or turkey. (Which don't get me wrong is also pricey)

Plus Tom is the kind of guy that doesn't really care what he eats as long as it tastes good. Which, (I will brag here) does taste good because I am a good cook. Two years ago I sucked!!! Then I became allergic to a lot of different foods (mostly dairy) and I have digestive problems (TMI??) So I have to watch what I eat. Not only have I lost weight, WEEE but I enjoy learning and cooking healthy happy foods for our tummies.


Happy Halloween Everyone!!! Not sure I am ready for November. . . Better get some knitting done, then I'll be ready

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Jl said...

Everything is so pretty! Great job!