Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Calm Now

Hamlet guards the castle gates. :)
So, yesterday was a panic attack all day long. . .

I was freaking out about wedding stuff. . . mostly my dress. Honestly, I love the dress. And my step-dad reassured me that Tom is a lucky man, and that my dress is perfect. Strange that something like that would calm me down. Normally, my step-dad is a pretty blunt guy (well come on ladies, he is a guy. . . they are all pretty blunt) but I know he cares about me. Plus when I got back inside (rewind, I had told Tom that I was feeling unsure about the dress I picked out) Tom came around the corner and opened up the box that my engagement ring came in. (It had a little light in it)

I felt so much better. He said, (since he hasn't seen the dress) that we are doing a very casual wedding, and that I should be more comfortable, than conforming to the "norm" I am very happy with my dress! Plus, we are backing down on the planning. We were working ourselves up too much, so we are going to book the place and take it easy on the catering. :)

P.S. Thank you's to all whom helped me out. I feel silly now that I questioned the dress. It was easy to find, and I am very happy that I can check another thing off on my list!

Happy Hump day to everyone!!

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