Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Delayed Postings

Sorry for the delay in posting. Things have been crazy at Fern Street.

At one location that we are looking at, no alcohol is allowed. So this might be a fun idea.

I wish life was this simple. . .

Off my needles. The Autumn hat by Jane Richmond. Pattern available on Ravelry. Which is a website devoted to knitting and crochet patterns. Free to sign up!!

So, advice time. I need some.
I am feeling a bit over/under whelmed by the wedding. I feel like sometimes I become all consumed by it. I really want to turn it off. I have picked a beautiful dress, that is very unconventional. Which is what I wanted, but am settling? Did I get my dress to early? Why was it soo easy? I wish I could post the picture, but my fiance reads my blog, ( I think) and well I cannot let him see it. . .bad luck. . .
Anyways, I thought that possibly writing it down would help.


Dani said...

Wow, I'm a tard! This is Dani, your fellow bridesmaid sorta-of-thing at Sara's wedding! I followed this blog a while back and just realized who it was!

Add me on Ravelry! I'm midgetontheedge. :) I MIGHT HAVE FOUND A KNITTING BUDDY!

Kel said...

SURE DID!!! :)