Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Knits, Tea, Good-Bye Halloween

Two years ago (almost) my friend Jessie got me this beautiful tea mug and wonderful tea. Last year, Tom got my this red electric tea kettle, what a combo! I love tea, and now that November is here in full swing with breezy evenings, tea is the best (well one of the best) ways to warm up. Another one is kitties!!!

Halloween night at Fern St. Candles a-glow!!

My pumpkin was an owl and Tom's was a bat. Fun times!!

French Press Knits Frosted Glow Cowl Pattern

I finished it. It was a challenge with learning new techniques, but it was a lot of fun!!

The low-light doesn't show the true color.

Pardon my ultra pale skin. Hahaha

My fiance (Tom) loved it! He loves it a lot more than the catnip wantons I was mass making a few months ago. I cannot believe how far I have advanced in just a few months. Two months ago I would have never attempted this. Now I love going after new patterns. Perhaps cable-knitting in right around the corner!

Hamlet looking around a corner!

The boys are hungry. They stalk me in the morning Meowing FOOD FOOD FOOD!!! MOMMY FEED US!!!!

OH man, I really hope I don't sound like an endorsement for French Press Knits, but honestly, these are such great patterns, how could one not?

Anyways, French Press Knit Slippers
(join Ravelry and find out (it's free)) is a lot of fun to make. Plus, I am making them for gifts for people. No, don't adjust the screen, that is LIME green. :) Color request, of which I think will look AWESOME!!! Like Key Lime Pie (YUM)

Slippers in progress. I think this makes number 6? I don't know, I'll have more pictures this weekend, because I am tossing a bunch in the washer to begin felting for several. Can't show too much though. I think some read my blog. :)


Sandy a la Mode said...

ohhh the beginning of those slippers look great!! love that bright green color! can't wait to see the finished product! :)

Kel said...

Thank you! It was Slipper Felting Sunday at Fern St. I'll have pics up tonight of a few finished ones.