Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Wedding

Alright, so I couldn't post my knitting projects until now because my friend Sara of whom this wedding is about reads my blog.

Anyways. I made these amazing French Press Knits "Felted Slippers" for her wedding.

Her favorite color is orange, so I made her orange slippers.

It was an awesomely beautiful autumn day. 74degrees. AMAZING! Anyways, it was a wonderful wedding.

The lights were really pretty in the barn at night.

Tom found a little friend. He was soo cute. :)

Another little guy loved this pumpkin.

The bride and her Mum.

They wrote their own vows.

Very wonderful.

Sara was very pretty in her white dress.

Sara and Tom the happy couple.

Yes, I was wearing sunglasses. . .

Riley finally reminded me that I was wearing them, and I finally took them off. Haha

Happy journey to both Sara and Tom. Good luck in your lives together.
Best Wishes!

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French Press Knits said...

Your slippers turned out so well- I hope she loved them!