Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Year in Review. . . sorry late

2011 was filled with expereinces. Both good and bad, I wouldn't trade this year for the world! 2012 has hit us with a good amount of snow, but we were due anyways. Tom and both were off from work last week, so sorry I didn't blog (could you blame me?) We enjoyed relaxing knitting, and video gaming! It was hard to come back to work, but it was a good time off.

So lets recap before we set our goals!

The year started off well with Super Bowl Partys galore!

February saw the opening of my craft shop on etsy!

Latest item is the Morse Code Necklace! LOVE THEM!

I also went from Blonde to Brunette in March! WOW what a change.

April we painted Easter Eggs. So much fun!

However. we got blasted with a ton of snow in late April.

May-June saw me preparing for my first Craft Show. I plan to do it again this year!

July was a big month. First my craft show!

Then we celebrated my 26th birthday with a wine tasting tour.

My long-time friend (5th grade here) Erin got married in August. I was so happy to be her maid of honor.

September was our most epic month. Tom turned 25 and we went hiking.

Oh yeah, on September 24, 2011 I married the man of my dreams.

It was such a fun and crazy day, it looks like a blur to me. I love our goofy photos!

We honeymooned in Portland (which we love and I keep thinking about all the time!!!)

The coast was amazing!

And went to Seattle! Loved this city as well!!!

October saw a lot of changes for the Haug Family. We chopped our hair, donated it for a good cause! Tom had over 12 inches!!!! I had around 8 inches. It was great! Plus the weather was LOVELY! I also sought a new adventure in the job market. After my June job announcement, October saw me leaning towards a different path. I quit and returned to where I worked before with addition to going back to writing. I love being back at a News Paper. It was a hard choice for me, but with the strength and love of my husband and my family I made the right choice.

November saw me return to knitting like no other!!

We also welcomed a new baby into our family. Odin is adjusting very nicely! He's lost a little bit of weight and is just the ball of orange fluffy that we love!

We spent our second Christmas in our house, and our first as husband and wife.

It was certainly a great year!

So goals for 2012.

1. Learn how to spin yarn

2. Learn how to dye yarn

3. Color knit!

4. Work out more.

5. read more

6. Prepare for my craft shows

7. Give my shop more focus

8. Cook more

9. Take more photos

10. Use my polaroid more

11. Love my husband

12. Visit friends!

13. Save up money

14. Go back to school?

15. Work on the house/yard

Happy 2012 everyone!


Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

What a fun year! love your bunting easter egg. ;)

jordyn said...

sounds like a sweet year!
i honeymooned in portland too!! people thought we were weird but hey i guess we are so it's all good. glad to see someone else understands the fun of portland. :)