Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday

Here we are, 5 days before Christmas, and I am still trying to get holiday knits done and wrapped. . . will she make it? I have confidence in myself. . . the question is. . . do my fingers?

Anyways, time for another round of Tickle Me Tuesday with Sarah!

I just love these stitch markers! Bison, Alpaca, Sheep and Camel! Too cute!

If only I knew how to cross stitch this would be first on my list! Mr. Darcy print!

I try my hardest not to come to this anymore. . . It's a challenge every-now and then it happens. I don't know how they get into it, but they do.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Elissa said...

From a Woman that woke up last night to her Cat dragging the bag of cat food off the refrigerator: That last pic made my day !

Sarah B. said...

I love those stitch markers too!! Good luck with all the wrapping :)