Monday, January 9, 2012

You Spin ME!

Haha, so this weekend, I learned how to spin!!! YAHOO!! I am now hooked (no pun intended.)
I used Alpaca fibers. . . from a cute alpaca named Simmon. I am still getting the hang of spinning, but here is my result:

It's small, maybe a baby hat size. . . or small mittens, but I love it. I am so proud of my new step into the vast world of knitting. I bought more unwoven yarn from a local Wonder-Knitter/Spinner/Dyer. Whyknotyarn by Kathryn Eldred. Pictures to come as I spin it up!! I want a spinning wheel now, but the price-tag is a little scary. . . maybe Birthday-Anniversary-Christmas combo hahaha.


meg said...

I am impressed - spinning alpaca is not easy! Well done!

Celia said...

This looks awesome! Congrats on finishing your first drop spindling project!

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

I think that's really cool!! :)

courtney {designology} said...

That is so impressive. Great job!