Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wedding Part 2

Okay, I know it's been awhile for the second part of the wedding photo's but your waiting has paid off.

My Mum helped me get ready over at my in-laws house.

Final look, I liked it :)

My Matron of Honor helping put on my garter. We had a joke that since I put her garter on and she wanted it to go higher-haha, you'd have to know us. . .it would be scary.

My bouquet. I LOVED IT! This was our florist creation, I just gave her some suggestions and this was what she came up with.

Our center piece.
Mini-versions! So cute.

My half of the wedding party. Cali our niece was our flower girl. She's almost 4 now, and she was so cute!

The Ceremony site. Note-the sun JUST! came out in-time for the wedding, it was raining earlier. It was also not that warm-maybe 50s, so that is why you see me in a cardigan.

Cali was perfect!

We had to walk down some stairs, but it worked out well with the music.
Walking down the aisle.

My Great-Uncle married us.

Walking back down.

Part three. . . sooner rather than later!


Annie said...

Check OUT that bouquet! Oh my its all beautiful.

Sarah B. said...

What a beautiful wedding! You look gorgeous (love the hair) and the flowers are AMAZING!! :)

Knitterella said...

Aw! You looked so great. Loved the hair and bouquet!

Congratulations on your marriage!