Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday

It is Tuesday again! Michigan winter is in full-swing, so that means getting to projects that keep one inside and toasty warm.
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So my niece Cali will be 4 this year! WOW! Time flies, so I saw this cute Camilla sweater for toddlers and thought of her.

I know it's kinda cheating, but since I don't own my own wheel just a spindle, I thought of purchasing already spun fibers to experiment with dyeing.

Because last night I was invited to par-take in some yarn dyeing. Kat Eldred was kind enough to test out my curiosity for this art. It was a lot of fun!

Happy Tuesday!


Sarah B. said...

Aww, that toddler sweater is too cute!! :)

meg said...

I love that little sweater! I think it is for Quince & Co, isn't it?

What did you use for dyeing - acid dyes? Koolade?
Your color is beautiful.

Elissa said...

The sweater is so pretty & that color. WOW!

Meeling said...

That little sweater is sooooo adorable!!

Earl-Leigh said...

I love that sweater!

Knitterella said...

You need to make the Camilla sweater. It's a quick knit and as you know, totally adorable!