Friday, January 6, 2012

It's the Little Things

I thought I would try this out for this Friday. Linking up with Lindsay for It's the Little Things

Took this photo yesterday, when today is suppose to get up to 45! (Northern Michigan Folks, that's warm!)
So the little things in life is that the snow is melting! YEAH!!,
Today is Friday!
Saturday is knitting morning at my LYS!
Maybe have a date with the hubby tonight. . .
Plenty of kitty time!

Sounds like a lot I know, but it's the weekend, anything is possible!


Jamie said...

Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

great photo! really beautiful!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Ahh, love that photo! We had an ice storm here a few years ago (err... actually it was more like 6 years ago now, hah!) and I remember going out back and taking photos of the trees & they looked just like that.

...whoa, run-on-sentence, ha!

All of the snow melted here, too... it was 9 degrees today! Ahhhh. I love the snow, though, so... that sucks, ha!

Have a good time knitting tomorrow! I wish we had a cool LYS around here... one day I'll open one. ;)

Alely said...

glad you had a semi warm day of 45! we've been having the weirdest weather down here in the south. today it was 70 degrees.