Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Looks

I love how these looks pull off a simple yet stylish appeal to a summer look.
I have been sprucing my wardrobe up a bit because (one I am getting old and cannot be looking like a 17 year old) and two because I want to look put together for my internship.
So, these three looks are from the Banana Republic website. I love Gap, and Banana Republic. However, I do not own anything from BR because it is a bit expensive. BUT, there is a Gap Outlet in town. Great stuff for fairly low price. I am close to completing all of these simple summer outfits.

I have wanted to also get some nice sandals for summer. So I stopped by Payless for their BOGO sale and got the teal and brown sandals. I have never been good with heals. However, these are not that high and I can walk in them.


Jill said...

Oh i love those shoes!
It's so hard to find work appropriate summer clothes.
I get mistaken for a lot younger than I am a lot so I'm trying to buy more professional clothes also.
But I love sparkly things and fun clothes! :D

Kel said...

It is hard to find appropriate summer clothes. It largely depends on where you work. However, every outfit needs a little pop of something special.