Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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Alrighty, so it was really strange yesterday but I couldn't blog. :( sad.

Anyway, on with the news!

Sunday night was fun. . . . *jaws music plays*

Tom and I went to a favorite restaurant Pearl's New Orleans Kitchen (I used to work there for many years. Whenever I go back I always get a wonderful greeting) It is Crawfish Festival. Yeah. . . so Tom and I challenged ourselves to get the boil. So. . . a heaping FULL pound of crawfish (steamed of course) was set down in front of us. We were splitting it because well, I am a light eater. It was almost stepping too far out of my food comfort zone. You were supposed to dismember this poor boil bug (they are called mud bugs but not actually bugs. . . cousin to lobsters more like it) and after severing the tail from the body you are suppose to suck out the juices from the head. HELL no. . . I couldn't do that. Then with your thumb and fingers we were to push the tail meat up and bite it off with your teeth. Well for one, there were like twenty little legs on the tail. NO. Number two, the tail meat was stuck in the tail. Number three, there were too many organs to scrape off the tail. So we both proceeded to crack open the tail and pull out the meat.

What did it taste like?

Well. . . not a whole lot. There was a really good sauce that it was boiled in and so we figured instead of the clarified butter (butter that has been heated and cleared of any cloudy scum) which I handed quickly to Tom. I cannot have butter my stomach cannot digest it. Anyway, the sauce was a million times better. There was also corn on the cob and boiled baby red potatoes. YUMMY!!!

Four napkins each later we agreed that we were satisfied with Crawfish for a few years.

Also, from a friend Jessie, I decided to cut up some old t-shirt to make t-shirt yarn. It was fun actually and now I have several different colors to make something new with. I am knitting a rug now. :)

Hamlet (my little boy) had gotten himself in trouble. Saturday he lost his collar in the basement (I found it) and he was laying on the bed with his left eye all squinty. I got worried because it was watering. I looked online and looked at Hamlet eye as best as I could. It was not swollen and it was dilating. But there was a mucus coming out of it. I kept a close watch on him for the rest of the night. By Sunday he was terrorizing the house once again. Crisis gone.

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