Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Wish list Ideas

I just wanted to compile a view of Birthday Wish list ideas. :) Fast approaching that day.

I really want a kitchen cart for my kitchen. Something like this because it has the cabinets and the cutting board. Plus something on wheels would be wonderful.

I love love love Gap and Banana Republic right now. I used to love American Eagle and A&F like I have mentioned in previous post. However, my taste has changed.

I like the idea of the multiple card. That way I could shop at both Gap or Banana Republic. :)

Last year my Mum got me a year subscription to Food Network Magazine. I love it. So another one would be awesome. :)

Harry Potter how I love thee. Now even more that it is in lego version for the Wii.

I have wanted one for a long time. However, since we got the Wii in May, I have been longing for this. :)

I love this magazine. It just has everything in it. :) I buy it every month, I would subscribe to it myself, but with my b-day around the corner. I'll wait.

I want another remote so Tom and I can play games together.

So that is that. I am sure there is more. :) But that is the general idea.

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Kim Humes said...

I love that kitchen cart too and want it! Not having a lot of counter space in my kitchen is annoying!