Saturday, June 5, 2010

Marketing Internship

About two weeks ago, I applied for a summer Marketing Internship for big name magazine (in my small town. . . irony. . . not lost here). Anyway, I thought that since I had not heard anything that of course I did not get it.

So then Thursday afternoon, I get a call from the magazine. They conducted a little interview over the phone asking me about my degree, and if I like to travel. . . and so on. The person said they would let me know by the end of the day Friday. Nothing that I hadn't heard before, but I was still hopeful.

Not thirty minutes later I get a phone call from the same person offering me the internship. :) I start Monday and honestly I cannot wait. I couldn't wait soo much I rushed out and splurged on a new dress from Cali's (a local store that I love love love). I actually bought two. . . but I think I am going to return one because it is just a little too big on me.

Also Tom took me out to Dairy Lodge a got a Dole Whip Twist with chocolate and cocoa crispies on it. YUMMY!!!!

Dole Whip IS AWESOME!!!!!! I had only thought that Wares Bros carried it with the frozen yogurt dole whip twist (awesome) But Dairy Lodge is fast becoming a fav because of having both Frozen Yogurt and Dole Whip. My stomach cannot produce Milk. However, I
can still have yogurt and cheese (strange. . . that I am). So when it comes to tasty treats, frozen yogurt or dole whip is about the only thing I can have without moaning on the couch for hours and taking about ten Tums.

So on which I love to browse, there is a shop called HyrdaHeart and I love love love her ability to make the cutest shoes. I soooo want to learn how to make something like that. I love being able to figure these things out for myself. Not that I wouldn't buy them from her, I just would love to figure it out. I have never really sewn in my life but there is never a better time then now eh?

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Sara said...

Omg, your profile picture is SO awesome! It's so clearly you and Tom it's amazing. I love his sweater, haha!

Also, CONGRATS on the internship! I can't wait to hear more!

And finally, I LOVE DAIRY LODGE. My sister and I used to ride our bikes there after school almost every day (terrible, I know) and get a vanilla cone with dole whip for $1. Those are some good memories right there.