Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Roofin in the hood!

Okay, so last week it rained. However, not only did it rain but it rained NAILS! Seriously! It raid so hard that it started to knock off black debris from our roof.

Ahhh. . . joys of home-ownership.

So Tom wants to check out re-roofing a part of the roof. Now, this part should not be tough. (Haha I say that in a manner of speaking).

However I still want a professional to come out and take a look at the situation.

Updates on the kitties:

Hammy is doing well. (from his eyes incident) I think it is funny that my folk's cat and one of their dogs freaks out in thunderstorm weather. Haha. Hamlet shrugs everything off and is like "beh" Nanaki doesn't really do anything either. Relaxed cats I tell ya.

The yellow bird feeder had been taken down by the way. Not really water proof anymore with a giant HOLE in the top of it. So I am thinking of putting the wooden one up instead. Tom insists that the beats will chew through that one. At least they will get fiber. They have been trying ever-so to get on the squirrel proof feeder since I haven't put out corn for their "specific" feeder. Perhaps I will do that tonight. The boy's (I do mean Hamlet and Nanaki) love to watch them.

However, I now have three gray squirrels and two black ones. Tony my mafia leader black squirrel's tail is looking more full nowadays. He must have jedi powers. (More like sith powers if you ask me).

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