Monday, February 7, 2011

Remember to Close the Door

So, Saturday is our usual day to go shopping and any other errands we need to do. However, this fateful Saturday we came home to this.

Yarn was everywhere! Living room, kitchen, bedroom. Yeah.

I am closing the closet door where I keep all of my yarn from now on. I'm normally really good at doing this, but for some cosmic brain relapse reason, I just didn't this time.
I love my cats, but honestly, they are little devils!


Sandy a la Mode said...

hahaah omg!! that's crazy!!!

Kel said...

I've thought of having a video camera just so I can catch them doing that stuff. I'm sure I'd laugh!

angie may said...

my cat does the SAAAME thing! uugh its awful and at the same time kind of hilarious. :-P i actually have a scar on my arm where i picked up my cat and rubbed her belly (she hates it) as punishment for doing this and she scratched me. lol oh, goodness.

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Haha - I've come home to a similar scene, so I understand the mix of hilarity and frustration that comes from it! Good thing pets are cute!