Friday, February 11, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Oh I love Fridays, means the weekends start at 3pm for me!!

Love my cup from Sunday

Super Bowl Cake!!!

Hamlet rolling on the floor!

I love my Mobius Cowl!! (of course I would! hahaha, since I made it LOL) I can't wait to have this in my shop!


alongfortheride's shop

Gussy Sews

Flawed Prefection Jewelry

Have a great Friday everyone!!! :)


Sandy a la Mode said...

hahahah i LOVE your cup!! thanks for entering my giveaway!!

Jill said...

great cake!!! I almost wouldn't want to eat it :)
Hamlet is adorable. I love that cowl. I love all things on this post actually :)