Monday, January 31, 2011


************* Giveaway has ended!!***********************

Let's start this amazing post off with my rough-draft logo. sew ewe-nique designs mascot (who does not have a name yet. . . thinking Gus)

By all means this is a rough-draft, but he's a cutie :)

Now the giveaway!!!!

All items are made by me and feature the idea's behind sew ewe-nique designs.

Giveaway #1
"Think Spring"

Giveaway #2 "Red Poppy" and "Peaceful Golden Garden"- broaches

Giveaway #3 "Owl Coffee Cozy"

Giveaway #4 (My personal Favorite) Mobius Cowl.

There are 3 chances to enter, more comments=more chances to win. Giveaway will be open till Friday, February 4, 2011! Winner's will be announced Saturday February 5, 2011.

Please also leave an email contact in your comments so that I can email you letting you know you've won!

1. Leave a comment, give me some ideas for my sheep's name if you'd like.
2. Follow my blog and leave a comment.
3. Advertise this giveaway on Facebook something like: "Kelly from is having her 100th post giveaway enter by Frida,y February 4, for a chance to win!" Just an idea. Then leave a comment that you posted that.

WOW!! That's tripling your chances to win! And always, thanks for supporting :)


Kim said...

name it ulysses s. ewe-lysses? :)

Jl said...

LOVE Kim's idea. You definately need to go with something unique/funny/cute. What about using your background and going with a literary reference?

Tammy said...

I think it would be cute if you added a bow and called her Ewelee Sheepington.

lisa said...

i LOVE the broaches!

AuroraMoose said...

I posted this on my facebook!
Kelly is having a give away on her blog:! It ends FEB 4TH. She has cute accessories up for the winners! Check it out!

AuroraMoose said...

I lerves the earrings!! How about ya give mr. sheep horns and call em HORN!!! I don't think Nunga Nunga would be appropiate unfortunetly.