Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Happenings and Preview!

Oh! Monday, how I wish I could skip Monday!

Love those? Yeah so do I. luckily you'll be able to buy them starting tomorrow! Ohh exciting I know. I am working like a mad-woman to get my shop open tomorrow March 1!! WEEE!!!

But not on to what happened this weekend!

Tom and I went to get idea of what type of suit he is going to wear. I wanted to take my camera. Sadly I was turned down for that. :( BUT! we did make some head-way!

Also, Sunday, we went an registered! YEAH!!! Though, in all honesty, we want money, but I have a bridal shower to think about too! hahaha! Live it up!

We then went to look at some more wedding bands for Tom. I have mine picked out! But the places at the mall were HORRIBLE!! We told them right as we walked in, "we are just looking" but they started pulling things out. When I asked for a type of ring they looked at me like I was insane. I saw that very ring on the website. . . so much for good customer service. Another place wasn't any better. They laughed and shook their heads as we left. BOO!!!! I say! We are sticking to the place were Tom got my engagement ring, professional and very nice!

THEN!!! (I'm very excited about this) we found our invitations. Originally we were going to make them, but when we saw these we just fell in love with them. Totally what we wanted! However, I am not spoiling the moment by posting them! HA! you'll see soon enough! :)

See you tomorrow for the big event! Maybe I'll have a special discount! If you're lucky! LOL

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Jill said...

Ahh! There's so much to do for weddings! Congrats on opening your shop :) I know girls who pick our their wedding rings before they are even engaged, or dating someone lol. I've never really looked at them myself even when I dated someone for 4 years. You make me want to check out different styles though! :)